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Learning English changes your life and career. Career change can happen at any age, but especially if you work on your international resume and cover letter. International expeirence is especially important for your career change.

Here are some stories and student interviews about how their career changed for good:


EŞREF’S STORY - Philadelphia

Embracing the international nature of his career Eşref was born in the Black Sea region of Rize and spent a big part of his life in Istanbul, where he studied furniture design at vocational school and Fine Arts in his undergraduate education. After university, he worked for seven years as a decorator and art director in the film industry in Turkey.

“When I was working in the Movie industry, I had to work with producers from abroad. Back then, the only words I could say in English were ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ I felt that this was a huge deficiency. Soon after I started a Master’s program in Turkey and realized that my lack of English was a truth I could no longer run away from. Learning English abroad was the best move for me.” 

“Right now I live in Philadelphia and am getting ready to apply a Master program. My objective is studying in a good program related to my profession and then to continue to a doctorate program.”


AnnaAnna, Russia  

I work for the Moscow radio station, Business FM, where being able to speak English well is a must. Studying at Kaplan’s Chicago Downtown School really improved my English; now I could easily chat in English all day long!

I visited Kaplan’s Chicago school twice, as I loved the city so much, and I still want to go back again. First I joined Kaplan’s Intensive English language course in 2009 to maximise my integration into English culture, which helped me break the so-called ‘language barrier’. In 2010 I studied a General course to refresh my English, and I now use my English skills at work to interview lots of foreign speakers.





 For Brazilian student Marcia Stipanich Martins, studying at our English school in Toronto was the essential next step towards starting her own business. Through our University Placement Service (UPS), Marcia was able to gain acceptance to Humber College and start her post-graduate degree before opening up her own business in Toronto. Kaplan’s University Placement Service Kaplan provides valuable resources for those looking to continue on to a university program in an English-speaking country. With UPS, we are constantly connecting international students with over 250 higher education institutions in a number of English-speaking destinations.

“I needed to improve my English and took English for Academic Pathways to get ready for college. Through my agency in Brazil and Kaplan, I already had a conditional offer for Humber College to study Business.”

With the help of our UPS advisors, Marcia was able to transfer to Humber College and start her post-graduate business entrepreneurship degree.



For 22-year-old Korean student Trisha Ko, learning English was an important next step in her hospitality career, which is why she decided to study at our English school in Vancouver. Through our University Placement Service (UPS), Trisha discovered new interests and expanded her skillset, setting herself up for future success. 

“The hospitality company I worked for gave people specific hospitality training and work opportunities. Thanks to them, I could work at many different hotels such as the Fairmont, the Marriott, Vancouver Club, and so on.” International students in Canada may work up to 20 hours per week once they start at college or university. This allows them to make some money, build a network, and gain work experience. After they graduate, they may be eligible for a post-graduate work permit, which allows them to stay in Canada for up to three years.

“Currently I’m taking four courses which are Business Management, Philosophy, Economics, and Sociology. I’ve studied before but it is not easy. Especially, Philosophy is a tough topic for a non-native speaker, but I find myself improving and becoming more outgoing!” 


LauraLAURA BOLIVAR, venezuela

On the day that Laura Bolivar graduated from our Kaplan English school in New York, the principal approached her and asked her if she wanted to give a speech on behalf of her classmates. She improvised, using the experience she gained doing theater and comedy in her native country, Venezuela, and came up with a fun and lively speech in English. While everyone laughed and smiled along, she had an epiphany – "if it's worked here, it may be time to try it in front of a stand-up audience."

After her studies, Laura decided to take a professional step towards her stand-up comedy career in New York, participating in lively comedy cubs across the city. Her stand-up generally related to her experiences as a Latin American in the United States, which made the routine captivating and unique, and got her a lot of attention. "I'm still doing stand-up comedy workshops because I think it's a good way to improve my English. I've also recorded some videos for a YouTube channel from a New York-based production company that produces comedy via the internet."




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