Considering learning English in Philadelphia?

What makes America Great? It’s a question with a thousand different answers, but most of them will include one important word; liberty. If it weren’t for Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell and location for the signing of the Declaration of Independence which granted American’s their liberty, the United States might never have become the proud nation it is today.

This rich history doesn’t mean a sleepy city though; Kaplan’s English language students in Philadelphia are pleased to report that ’s spirit is still alive and kicking. Which other US city welcomes July 4th with not just one night of ceremony, but a whole two weeks of festivities? Philadelphia’s Independence Day celebrations include lively concerts, dazzling fireworks displays and even an all you can eat ice cream festival to keep the city’s party atmosphere going.

If you don’t think you can keep up the pace for 14 nights in a row, maybe you could take a peaceful day off leisurely rowing along the Brandywine River with your Kaplan classmates? No I haven’t drifted off into an idyllic daydream; this charmingly named creek actually exists, winding round Philadelphia under the soft shade of the trees that line its banks.

So let me get this straight…Philadelphia is a cultural and historical centre with a thriving modern twist, plus a stunning natural haven? Well yes, but that’s not it. The City of Brotherly love and its friendly population, including the staff and students of Kaplan International College’s Philadelphia English School, have a whole host of other surprises waiting for you when you visit. From live-action sports to America’s oldest zoo, in Philadelphia, the birthplace of US Independence, you are always free to have a good time.

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