Careers Guide: Picking your subject


Many students plough through 4 to 6 years of tough study for their degrees, only to end up working in a completely unrelated role. What’s the reason? Not how well they studied necessarily, but their choice of what to study. Nowadays, with the job markets being so tricky, it’s vital to have a game plan in mind.

The two crucial questions that you should ask yourself are:

1) What do I do best?

2) What do I like doing?

There are people with a technical or mathematical mind, as well as the creative, the entrepreneurial or organisational. Almost everything you do in your daily life reflects on how you think and what your strengths are. Every job requires some basic aptitude and skills and you will be able to boost them but if you know these and play to your strengths, it will be easier for you to develop a profitable career. Your City Council could offer you advice through providing organisations that offer free services to help you kick-start your career. These can help you to identify your best skills and what future careers will suit you, along with academic and vocational advice i.e. which courses and/or training will be best to get started!

Once you have answered the above questions and have a good idea of what you want to study, where your strengths lie and where to go from there, you have to think of the dreaded million dollar question: Are there any job offers in that sector? This is a list of the professions most in demand and also the 10 most saturated sectors.

Most Saturated sectors Professions most in Demand
Journalism Graphic and Web Design
Architecture Networks and Cloud Computing
Psychology Environment and New Energies
Nursing Finances, Controlling
Dentistry Genetic Engineering
Occupational Therapy Robotics and Mechanical Engineering
Chemistry Sales
Pharmacy Food Engineering
Medicine Resort Rep and Customer Relations in Tourism
Law Digital Media

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