Planning for the future with an English course in Seattle: Caroline's story

Caroline, a 27 year old from Brazil, prepared for her future by studying intensive English in the USA for 4 months. She tells us about her experience studying English in Seattle, and why she and her husband, Cleverson, chose to study with Kaplan.

Why did you choose your course? How is it going to help you in the future?

Because I needed to improve/learn English in a short time, but effectively. English is the most important language in the world and a recent survey in Brazil showed that people who can speak English usually have more opportunities and better salary, so I hope English will help me to find a good job in my country.

Describe a typical lesson. 

Usually in my class we have the opportunity to work on the 4 skills: listening, writing, speaking and reading. And, of course, every day we have a lot of time in class to learn and practice grammar. Every day we have homework and I like this, because I can review what I learned.

What do you think is the best about the teachers and teaching method?

I think the best thing about the teaching method is that we learn one subject per week. I think this is important because we can have a good understanding. Also, the games, talk time and portfolio we build are very helpful because we practice what has been studied, and that way we can save forever the subjects we learned.

Has your English improved?

My English has improved very much in 4 months of learning. I had never studied English in a structured way so when I arrived here, I didn't understand English or speak correctly. But now, I can communicate with people on the street, I can read the news in the newspaper and I can understand English movies and music. But, more than that, now I feel confident to talk to English speakers in my job.

What do you like most about the school?

Kaplan is very organized and I like this! Also, the teachers and the coordinators care about the students; this is very important for all the students. If the student wants to learn and improve, the Kaplan team will help him to improve!

What do you like most about the city?

Seattle is an excellent city to learn English in. The people are very friendly and talkative, and the city is very safe, so you can talk with people on the bus, on the streets and improve your English. Also, Seattle is beautiful, clean and isn't crowded, so you can have a good time here.

Caroline and Cleverson in Seattle

What are your favorite social activities organized by the school?

For me, the best social activities are dinners or meetings in pubs or restaurants, because it's the kind of activity that encourages conversation about everyday issues and informal conversations.

How would you describe the Kaplan Experience?

The Kaplan Experience was the most interesting experience in my life. My life has really changed because in a short time, I have made a lot of friend, I knew a new culture and learned a new language. But more than just learn English, I also learned about the world! That was a really amazing and unique experience in my life.

What do you like the most about your accommodation?

I'm married, so I was afraid about sharing a house with other people, but after searching and talking a lot with Kaplan staff, my husband and I decided to stay in a homestay. We could talk a lot in English at home, and this helps to improve our English. I really recommend this for all people!

What is the best thing about studying with students from around the world?

I think the best thing is to learn about different cultures and behaviors. For me, that point was surprising because I never imagined that I would make so many and good friends here. After this experience, I'll feel like a citizen of the world, because now I have friends all over the world!

Would you recommend Kaplan to your family and friends? 

Yes I would recommend! I think this is an investment that everyone should do, as I said before, it's much more than learning English. I learned how to communicate in English with different people and i improved my cultural knowledge. English is no longer a strange language to me, but now it is the language that I use to communicate with the world!

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