Meet Juli: A Polish Blogger Who Studied in Brisbane

There are many people who leave their hometowns for another city in the world. Whether it’s for love, lifestyle, or work opportunities, settling into a new environment is not always easy, and picking up a new language can be a real obstacle.

“Everything is a challenge and everything is still new to me! It’s like starting your life from scratch.”

Meet Julia Raczko, originally from Poland, she decided to leave her hometown, broaden her horizons, and travel the world. Today she lives with her partner Sam in Brisbane, Australia, and writes about life ‘Down Under’ in her blog Where is Juli + Sam.


Meet Juli
Meet Juli, blogger of Where is Juli + Sam?


The Importance of English

“Three years ago, after my solo round the world trip, I moved to Australia. Since then I call Brisbane home. I’m an author, journalist, and blogger – I would simply like to write in English.”

Julia talks about language in one of her recent blog posts, in particular the importance of learning English. She was given the opportunity to learn English in school, but never picked it up properly, whether that's down to the difficulty of learning in her own country where it was easy to revert back to her native language once class ended, or being taught in short periods where she lacked the time to practice and gain the confidence to talk. What Julia didn’t realize was that she would one day travel the world and discover how important English is as the common tongue amongst international travelers.

“The knowledge of English opens up a whole world. It facilitates traveling, finding a job, getting to know people. It enriches you. It facilitates everything, and you never know where your life may take you.”


Study in Australia

Once settled in Australia, she decided to brush up on her forgotten English skills, realizing the importance of studying in an English-speaking country. Juli chose to learn English in our Kaplan Brisbane school, surrounded by international classmates and native locals, where she had plenty of time to practice and quickly improved her language skills.

And what better place than Australia – it’s a beautiful country to both live and study in. With the opportunity to pick from 7 stunning and unique destinations across the country, students are able to enjoy locations brimming with beautiful natural landscapes like Adelaide and Cairns, or bustling cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

“Australia is a good place for summer learning! You might also find palm trees, kangaroos, handsome surfers, and good coffee.”

Julia’s story takes place in Brisbane, a city on the east coast of Australia. Boasting a warm climate, it’s full of energy and buzz, popular for sporting events, world-class galleries, and music festivals. Where can your story take you?


Brisbane city lights
Brisbane city lights 


Have you visited Australia, which is your favorite city? If you’d like to study English in some of our other sunny Australian destinations, visit our website for more information. 

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