Pray for Japan, Pray for Tohoku

Last Friday, the world’s fifth biggest earthquake hit the Tohoku region in northeast Japan, followed by a tsunami. This has collectively caused significant damage to the country. There are still more than 10,000 people missing and millions have been evacuated into emergency shelters in the Tohoku area.

Our thoughts are with everyone and we hope for Japan’s quick recovery.

Stay Updated

You can check the latest news here:

- BBC:

- NHK:

- Google Crisis Response:

If you have friends or family in Japan, here is a useful tool for finding them.

- Google person finder:

Help Japan*

Support the Red Cross in their disaster relief efforts by making a donation.

-          American Red Cross:

-          Google

* Please be aware of charity scams. To make sure your donation is going to the intended recipients, use websites of trusted organisations, such as the Red Cross, and do not trust any requests via email.

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