Prepare for the Cambridge Exam this summer in Canada

Kaplan International is happy to announce a new short-term Cambridge Exam Preparation course  this summer at both of its Canada centers. Located in prime locations downtown Vancouver and Toronto, students can choose from a 4, 5 or 6 week course to prepare for the Cambridge Exam. (Find out more about the Cambridge exams.) Kaplan is the first name in exam preparation, and you can be sure of a high-quality education and that you will feel confident and prepared on test day.

Both the Vancouver and Toronto centers are official Cambridge Testing Centers so you can take the exam in the same location as the course. Our Canada schools have a recommendation rate over 93%, and they are very well equipped for the modern student with WiFi, interactive whiteboards and multiple computer labs.
Two of our Cambridge exam preparation teachers told us why they enjoy helping students prepare for the only exam that proves your English proficiency for life.

Jean teaches at Kaplan Vancouver

Jean, a Cambridge Exam Preparation teacher in Canada

I have been teaching Cambridge courses for 13 years, 7 at Kaplan International. I have taught at every level of the system. I love the Cambridge exams because they require students to focus on accuracy in both their speaking and writing. The materials we use are challenging and interesting. Students work towards mastering skills needed for specific tasks in the four exams (speaking, listening, writing and reading/grammar) and in so doing they greatly improve their English.

Classes involve a variety of activities, quizzes and daily writing and speaking.  Grammar and vocabulary are important parts of every day.  Cambridge students tend to be quite committed to their studies, with everyone having the same goal.  The atmosphere in the class is always friendly.

The Cambridge class has a different feel than regular ESL classes too! Although it is very academic and the students must be hard working, we also form a small family because it is the same group of students for the entire course. I am so proud of our students’ exam results! It’s also great to see their confidence grow throughout the course.

One student we remember in particular is Nadia. Her English level was borderline when she entered the class and we knew it would be challenging for her – and it was! Nadia had not been a student in a long time so she felt a bit rusty – especially with grammar. Her perseverance paid off though and she pushed herself to succeed. Nadia worked hard and asked a lot of questions in class and she really improved – so much so that she passed her CAE exam. Her Cambridge training also helped get a job in Canada! It was a great experience for her all around.

Jennifer teaches at Kaplan Toronto

I started as an ESL teacher after I decided I no longer wanted to work in an office environment. At the time, I lived with my Portuguese speaking grandmother who knew no English. My grandmother inspired me to teach English, as I saw the value in how teaching language can benefit people’s lives.

I have been working at Kaplan Toronto for the past 14 years. I especially love how Kaplan takes an innovative approach to learning, as we are constantly improving our curriculum and techniques to ensure the most effective approaches in the field are used. I really enjoy spending time with my colleagues - many of them have been teaching at Kaplan for just as long as I have! I also like the variety of classes I get to teach and appreciate the opportunity to meet and learn from people and cultures from all over the world.

Cambridge exam preparation is my favorite program to teach as it is a very structured course. With the same start and finish date for all students, there are clear, challenging goals set out for students to meet and a strong bonding experience takes place among the teacher and student group.

I am happy to take on the difficult task of thinking of different ways to get students to master the skills needed for the exams, and I like how well balanced the skill focus in the course is.

In one of my typical lessons, I focus on each of the skills and one strategy for each part of the test. I make sure to give students a lot of time to practice the strategies and improve their skills. In every class there is detailed feedback given. As I'm a Cambridge Speaking Examiner, students tell me that my feedback is particularly helpful and that they like this the most. Each week my students take a practice tests so they can gain experience in what it is like to take a real Cambridge exam.

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