Preparing for university with an English course in England: Brice's Story

Brice, a 21 year old from France, is studying an English course in England with Kaplan. He tells us about his experiences studying for 8 months on a General English course and what he plans to do with his new found skills.

What were you doing before studying at Kaplan?

I was a student in a French university, where I study management. 

How has your English improved since studying at Kaplan?

Sincerely, I think my English has improved a lot, Kaplan International is very good to practice my English because the teachers often help with questions and I practice with my friends from around the world. 

What do you love the most about Liverpool?

It's dynamic! For example, there's a piano that plays itself in the street, it's funny. I also like going to see the shows in Albert Dock.

What do you like about the school?

The teachers, and the atmosphere in the school. It's modern and nice.

What do you like the most about your teachers?

They're always available and helpful. It's very, very important and good for the students so we feel comfortable.

What has been your best experience at Kaplan so far?

Only speaking English all the time.

Why would you recommend Kaplan to your friends back home?

Because it's a good school, and because the teachers are always available to help.

How do you think studying English with Kaplan will help your future?

For my job, first of all, and after ... for holidays.

What do you plan to do after you finish studying?

I hope to be able to study in an English university later on.

Do you think this course has helped you with your future goals? How?

Yes I'm sure, because speaking more fluently in English will allow me to pass English proficiency exams easier than if I don't speak in English. This situation is the same with work, I will be more successful if I can speak English.

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