Quick English: Advice vs Advise

Advice and advise may look and sound similar, but it is important to know how to use each word properly.


When to use Advice

Advice is a noun. It is the recommendation or opinion that someone gives another person to help them make a decision. You can give advice and you can get advice, and it can be good or bad advice.

Example: Before I went on holiday, my friends gave me some good advice.


When to use Advise

Advise is a verb. It is the act of giving a recommendation or opinion - giving advice. You can advise someone about something, or someone else can advise you.

Present     Past  
 I advise    I  advised
 you advise    you  advised
 he/she/it advises    he/she/it  advised
 we advise    we  advised
 you advise    you  advised
 they advise    they  advised

Example: I don’t advise trying to eat that whole pizza.

To help pronounce the words, remember that advice rhymes with mice, and advise rhymes with prize.


What about Device vs devise?

Device and devise follow the same rule, although they are used less frequently than advice and advise.

Device is a noun that means a gadget or implement. Devise is a verb that means to plan or invent.

Example: I wish there was a device that would keep my drink cold until I've finished it.
Maybe you can devise one?


Quick Test

Can you fill in the spaces with advice or advise? You can check your answers in the English Activities Answer Key.

  1. Sherlock decided to ______ Watson to get married.
  2. Groot gave me some good ______ on how to grow a tree.
  3. If you want any ______, feel free to ask.
  4. Our website can ______ you on which English course is best for your needs.
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