Quick English - What are sentences made of? (Parts of Speech)

How much do you know about languages? Did you know that every day in the world, more than 6000 languages are spoken? The majority of us consider other languages far away from our own and yet there is something that they all have in common: sentence components (or parts).

We all speak at least one language fluently, but we don't always pay attention or realize that sentences are formed by components. When we do learn a second language it becomes easier and we tend to notice things more as the learning process goes by. Let us look at the main components to get a clearer picture on this matter.


A noun identifies places, things, or people.

Examples:  tree, mother, glass - they're all noun as they name things.

In addition, all proper names are nouns. London, Philadelphia, Mary, Steve, Luke etc. are all nouns.


A verb can be described as a 'doing-word'; a verb can indicate an action or a state of being.

Examples: drive, eat, sleep, etc.

Verbs also express states of being:  This pie tastes very sweet.  In this case there is no action; the verb 'tastes' expresses the state of being of the pie.


An adjective is used to assign properties to nouns.

Ex. The beautiful garden

Happy children

The great party

Adjectives are also used to compare things.

Ex. I am getting bigger and stronger than ever before.


An adverb is used to modify verbs or adjectives; it can also add information about place, manner and time, telling how things are done.

Ex. Joe rarely eats vegetables

They quickly opened the door

The keys are over there

These are only few of the components which characterize a sentence. Do you know any others? Do you have any questions about the forms above? Leave us a comment, and try out the exercise below!

What Part of Speech is each word below? Check your responses in the answer key.

1. Where are we going?

2. I often forget my phone at home.

3. Blue butterflies are the most beautiful.

4. Mrs. O'Leary had a barbecue over the weekend.

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