Get into the royal wedding atmosphere, not into a human sandwich!

You’ve decided to spend the royal wedding day in London - despite conversations with family and friends about waking up at the crack of dawn in a sea of eager people. You want the chance of catching a glimpse of the couple and want to follow the wedding parade but you don’t want to get up early or have to be bundled into the middle of the crowd? As always, we have a stress free solution!


The fact is, unless you received a royal invitation to the wedding at Westminster Abbey or to the Queen’s reception at Buckingham Palace, your only chances to see the ceremony or the couple’s journey through London is either on TV or if you are willing to spend the night sleeping rough in order to get the best viewing point at the crack of dawn. But now you don’t have to do either!


At various town parties, every pub, every café, every restaurant and most parks and squares around our schools in London will have live screenings of all the day’s events. So where to go? Here is a list of places where you can still feel the royal atmosphere with the gift of oxygen! There’s also the very fortunate fact that you don’t need to wake up at 3am to get there!

Trafalgar Square – The central London stage of all major National and International days. This will be a great place to be as you will be in the center of all the action!

Hyde Park – The chance to see all the royal activity and also a great place for a picnic!

Leonard Street Royal Wedding Party – This popular street in Shoreditch is set to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton in great style with parties going from dawn to dusk.

Royal Wedding Battersea Street Party – Battersea Park will be hosting a street party, with food being served by local restaurants and plenty of screenings to follow the action. This is a place favoured by families as there will be plenty of activities for children.

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