Studying at Kaplan’s San Diego English School

Kaplan's English school in San Diego

California is famed for its laid-back and easy going atmosphere, while Mexico is known for being vibrant and energetic. In 1602 when Sebastián Vizcaíno landed on the sandy shores of the American South-West and named the spot San Diego, he created a city which mixes the two and comes out with the best of both worlds.

Studying at Kaplan’s San Diego English School, you can spend your free time living the Californian surf lifestyle on the beaches of La Jolla during the daytime then head to the lively Gaslamp Quarter after dark to get into the US party spirit and enjoy San Diego’s best restaurants and thriving bars.

The city’s dynamism is continued in its strong manufacturing and research industries. This, combined with its many universities and colleges, including Kaplan’s English Language School, give San Diego a professional and academic edge, not to mention an innovative and youthful side. A booming tourism industry also means San Diego is never short of fresh faces and is a welcoming American destination for anyone and everyone, no matter where you’re from.

Throw in handfuls of top US attractions like the rare Giant Panda’s at the San Diego zoo, Californian wines from vineyards in the North and the hiking trails of the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and you start to get a picture of the fantastic blend of possibilities San Diego has to offer.

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