Garazi's Journey from Kaplan to University

This interview was conducted by Rosalind, the study center manager in Kaplan Oxford.

Name: Garazi Garaigordobil Valencia
Age: 26
Nationality: Spanish

Why did you decide to come to Kaplan in Oxford?

Nowadays English is vital tool if you want to progress in your work and also to have better job opportunities. When I finished my degree I was conscious about the importance of having a great English level so I decided to go for it. My main objective was to study my Master's course here, and with the help and support of all the staff of Kaplan Oxford, I did it! Oxford is a perfect town to live; it is a young city with a lot of cultural and social activities. After 8 months in Kaplan International, I feel that I have achieved all my objectives.

Garazi and some of her classmates in Oxford

What did you enjoy in class?

The lessons are really dynamic; the teachers are people with experience teaching so they know how to make things easy. Another amazing thing is the multiculturalism that I found in class: I met people from around the world, which helped me open my mind to other lifestyles.

What was the best thing about studying in Kaplan Oxford?

Without a doubt, the personalized help that I received from all my teachers. They helped me a lot with my university admission process and of course they pushed me up to get the best of my English. In terms of socializing, the best thing was making friends from different countries and traveling around England.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Garazi (in yellow) and some of her friends visit Brighton"][/caption]

What was the most exciting thing you did in the UK?

The most exciting thing that I did in the UK was meeting a lot of new people, learning about other countries and also about British culture. Sharing a flat with people for other nationalities helped me to understand my own culture better. I also have a lot of fun going to musicals, theater, ballet, etc…

Has your English improved?

Yes, now I feel myself confident to “live in English” and it is something natural for me. In the beginning things like going to the bank, speaking with local people was a little complicated, but right now, I don´t have any problem communicating and speaking about almost everything.

What do you plan to do after your course?

I'm going to follow my studies in the UK: I have been accepted to do a Master's course. Now my English is good enough for that, so I'm really happy.

What do you like about Oxford?

Everything, the buildings, the people, the social and cultural life… It is a young, small city with everything that you need to have a great experience.

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