Student Interview - Kaplan's Over 40's Program

With Kaplan it’s easy to discover a new language at any age. Our over 40's program is specifically tailored to our more mature students. Available in either Bath or Torquay, the joy and benefits of learning English does not have to be limited by your age.

Meet Korean sisters Hyang Ok You and Seung Hee You, they both decided to study on our 40+ program in Bath, and leave behind their day-to-day lives to explore an exciting location, pick up a new language, and broaden their traveling horizons.

“Age was not an issue. Students from various nations were understanding and caring towards each other and were very active in learning English.” 

Hyang Ok You

classroom over 40's program
Age is no limit to learning English


Why English? Why Kaplan?

Studying with Kaplan opens up new possibilities for our students, no matter what stage of life. Learning knows no bounds, and with Kaplan’s flexible courses, it’s easy to find the right course tailored to your specific needs. For the You sisters, Kaplan was the obvious choice, with its reputation as a world leader in English education. Hyang Ok, in particular, was impressed by Kaplan’s options for mature students.

“Kaplan is a renowned English language school which provides a curriculum specifically designed for seniors.”

Hyang Ok You

The international language of travel

Whether you are looking to travel the globe or visit a friend abroad, having a grasp on the English language can make communication in a foreign city easier. Hyang Ok, an avid traveler, realized quickly that English would benefit her experiences abroad, ensuring smoother navigation in new places with the possibility of meeting local and foreign people during her travels. “I wanted to communicate with people freely whenever I took overseas trips. I am now going to travel to Croatia, Germany, and the Czech Republic.” For Seung Hee, she wanted to gain confidence in the language and communicate easily with others.

“I am no longer afraid of being in foreign countries since I can speak in English now.”

Seung Hee You

Kaplan's over 40's program: Learn English at any age  

Studying English with Kaplan will give you the language skills you need to communicate with people across the globe while building an international network of friends with similar interests. For Seung Hee, “it was even better to be with younger students as they made the atmosphere more cheerful and exciting!”

With our small class sizes, no bigger than 15 students, and dedicated teachers, we ensure that you are progressing at the pace you are most comfortable with. Our teachers have a passion for teaching international students, and are well versed in positive techniques that boost English-language development. For Hyang Ok, the teachers made a real impression.

"The pronunciation of my teacher was clear, she was really kind to speak slowly and make eye contact with each student to ensure their understanding."

Hyang Ok You

graduation over 40's program
Join the over 40's program and study English 


A home away from home

An ancient city steeped in historical heritage, Bath is a popular destination for students and travelers alike. Boasting the world-famous Roman Baths, which are only moments away from the school, and the old architecture of the Royal Crescent, there is so much to do, see, and experience in this quaint and quintessentially English town.

bath over 40's program
Study in Bath for an amazing English experience 

"I enjoyed staying in Bath as the city is steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful nature. It was great to interact with classmates of different nationalities."

Seung Hee You

Hyang Ok shared her sister’s love for the city, adoring the way “Bath boasts beautiful nature, friendly people, well preserved heritages, and clean streets.” They both even had the chance to take a day trip over to the local town of Salisbury to see the Magna Carta up close and visit Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument!

To find out more about our over 40's program, please speak to a Kaplan Representative. 

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