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We spoke to two students in Edinburgh, Baneen, from Saudi Arabia, and Juhina, from Oman, both taking IELTS Preparation courses. This is what they had to say about their student experiences in Edinburgh. 

Why did you come to Edinburgh to study English?

Baneen: My dad found out about Kaplan through an agent. He told me to choose whether I wanted to study in the US or the UK, and I chose the UK. Here it seems like a very safe place, and the people are very friendly. It is also much closer to home than the US. I live with a host family, and they are very nice. It’s good practice to speak English with them after my lessons.

Juhina: I went to study English abroad because of a scholarship I received. I want to go to university to study Disaster Management. I chose the UK, and my agent chose Edinburgh. I am happy to be here, the school is good - everyone is very helpful here. It is a nice city.

Why did you want to learn English?

Baneen: I want to learn English to go to university.

Juhina: I want to study English to prepare for university, because I want to study in the UK.

What’s the best thing about your classes?

Baneen: My favorite thing is when we have activities in class. It’s very fun. We watch music and cartoons, and listen to music. My favorite songs that I learned about are from Queen, and the song “We Are Family”. When I go home, I’m going to share them with everyone, I really love them.

Juhina: I’m taking General English with an IELTS elective. I need to get a good score on my IELTS for university. When I came here, my English was not great. I studied German in the past, but now I wanted to learn English because it is very useful. I speak more clearly now. I need to study more vocabulary and grammar but I am getting much better.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve done since you’ve been in Edinburgh?

Baneen: It’s a beautiful city – there’s a very nice lake nearby, and I like visiting. I also really like the Edinburgh Zoo, there are lots of interesting animals there.

Juhina: I really like Edinburgh Castle – it’s beautiful. I like researching all the places to go. There are so many things to see and do!

Has your English improved? Which part of your English has improved the most? (Your speaking, listening, etc)

Baneen: When I came here, my English was zero. Now, it’s much better. I can communicate with people in the school and around Edinburgh. For me, writing is the toughest.

Juhina: Everything has improved. When I started taking the practice IELTS, I felt uncomfortable, especially with the speaking section. But as it goes on, I feel much more comfortable. My writing has also gotten much better.

What is your plan after you finish your course?

Baneen: I want to go to university to become a physical therapist.

Juhina: I want to study in Coventry, I need the IELTS course to get a good score so I can get into the university.

What do you like about Kaplan, and Edinburgh?

Baneen: Here at Kaplan Edinburgh, everyone is very friendly. If you need help, you can just ask and someone will help you. Even when you want to book a holiday, they will help you organize everything. It is very welcoming.

Juhina: First, I thought everything was very difficult, when I got here. But now, I know everything. I help myself. I feel much more independent now. I take the bus everywhere and I can find out where to go without any help. I feel very confident.

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