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Discover the USA #KaplanExperience

If there’s one thing our students love, it’s sharing their study abroad experiences with us through the #KaplanExperience hashtag. Whether they are studying in the UK, the USA, Australia, or Canada, they take the chance to illustrate the wonderful things their cities contain. With over 70,000 photos shared across 5 countries and 40 schools, the #KaplanExperience expresses what’s it’s like studying English with Kaplan. To show you what the #KaplanExperience is really like, we’ve selected a few of our favorite Instagram photos from some of our USA English schools. Take a look at the places our students chose as the most photo worthy spots in the USA.


Santa Barbara 

Home to some of the USA's best beaches and beautiful coastlines, the lifeguard huts of Santa Barbara have fast become an Instagram sensation. Featured on many postcards, tv shows, movies and now Instagram accounts, visitors and locals alike flock to have their photo taken in one of the iconic lifeguard huts. Studying at Kaplan Santa Barbara? Don't leave without taking a selfie in front of these colourful beach huts. 



New York 

From the Statue of Liberty to Times Square, Central Park to the Empire State Building, New York is full of iconic tourist attractions that are featured heavily across the internet. Spanning across movies and TV shows across the world, the Statue of Liberty symbolises freedom in the USA and is perhaps one of the most famous statues and popular tourist spots in the world. Located on Liberty Island, the statue is only a short ferry ride away from our Kaplan New York school, and attracts over 4 million visitors per year. 




San Francisco

It’s no wonder that our students flock to have their photo taken with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most photo-worthy spots in San Francisco. Made famous by movies and television shows, the Golden Gate Bridge is very popular with our Kaplan students studying English in San Francisco, and is the most photographed bridge in the USA. Although the city is usually associated with the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s also features a number of other popular landmarks where our students like to pose for photos, such as the Twin Peaks, Dolores Park, and Stenier Street. 

San Francisco USA



Blessed with beautiful beaches, hot weather and an electric atmosphere, visiting LA is an unforgettable experience. With attractions including Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame there's plenty to see in LA. Although the city is famous for it's easy going lifestyle and beautiful weather, it's largely associated with the Hollywood sign, where visitors (and our students at Kaplan Westwood) flock to take selfies in front of the giant sign. 




Washington DC

Featured on many postcards, the Washington Monument is one of the most iconic and famous monuments in the USA. Pictured in this photo shared by Kaplan student Mary, the monument is popular with our students and tourists alike, thanks to its political history and breath-taking views. Situated in the National Mall, the monument is free to visit, and features an observation deck which allows visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the city, 500ft from the ground. Famous for its rich history and and political stature, Washington is largely popular with those studying English in Washington, DC who want to gain a deeper understanding of America’s history. 


Washington DC USA



Home to Harvard university, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, this city is a charming and popular student town. As the largest city and the capital of Massachusetts, it’s famous for its academic prestige, big green spaces, and rich history, including the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. It is also very popular with students at our English schools in Boston for its beautiful autumns and colourful seasons, where the leaves are known to change from green to yellow to a kaleidoscope of colors. Pictured here by Kaplan student Brett, many of our students enjoy watching the leaves changes in the Boston Common.  


Boston USA


San Diego

If San Diego is known for anything, it’s definitely for its abundance of beaches. Boasting over 70 miles of coastline, the California city attracts visitors who comes to admire the beautiful sandy coastline and breathtaking sunsets. From family beaches to surfing hot-spots our students studying English in San Diego love nothing more than enjoying water sports or watching the sun set.


San Diego USA



As one of the largest cities in the USA and the start of the iconic Route 66, Chicago is a big and exciting city famed for its skyscrapers and bold architecture. It’s most famous landmark is the "Cloud Gate" otherwise known as the Chicago Bean, which is pictured here with Kaplan student Parra. The iconic bean is located in the center of the Millenium Park, and is a very popular tourist spot, alongside the Chicago River, Millennium Park, and the Chicago Observation Deck. 


Chicago USA


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