Restart Your Learning With A Blended Language Course

Our schools are reopening across the world with your safety in mind. If you’re thinking of travelling abroad right now, we know you’ll be excited – but also a little nervous. That’s why we’re taking all the precautions we can to help you feel at ease while you’re studying with us. 


Going back to school after a break

Perhaps you already had plans to study this year and had to delay them. Or perhaps you’ve realized over the past few months that you want to take the trip of a lifetime and learn a language abroad. 

It doesn’t matter whether your break from studying has been just a few months or many years. The best time to learn a language is when you really want to. After some time away from studying, you’ll be even more motivated to achieve your goals. You’ll know exactly why you’ve decided to do this and why it’s worth all the hard work. You’ll be even more up for the challenge, and ready to fully immerse yourself in the experience. 


What is blended learning?

As things begin to return to normal, we’re still offering a blend of in-person classroom tuition and online learning. Depending on what location you’re studying in and your personal preferences, you’ll learn mostly in a classroom with a teacher and other students. You’ll do the rest of your learning (and perhaps some social activities too) online – some independently and some with other students. You’ll complete grammar and vocabulary exercises, quizzes and other assignments to back up what you’ve learned in class.


Benefits of blended learning  

Blended language learning means you don’t have to be in the classroom for eight hours per day, five days per week. You won’t need to travel around your destination city as much, meaning you’ll spend less money on transportation. If you’re out less, then you probably won’t spend as much money on eating food in restaurants and cafés either. This might be a particularly appealing option to you if you’re studying on a budget.  

As well as these practical and logistical benefits, blended learning has academic benefits too. 

  • Learning a language requires repetition. You can spend your online study time going over what you’ve learned in class, so when you get back into school, you can move onto new topics.
  • You can refresh your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary online and use your class time to practice the things that are harder to do remotely – like pronunciation and conversation.
  • You can focus on the trickier and more technical aspects of language online, and study them at your own pace. When you return to class, you can use this time to focus more on just being immersed in language – and not worry so much about understanding every single word or phrase.
  • If you come across things you don’t understand when you’re studying online, you can make a list of questions and take them to your teacher in your next class.  




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