Studying in Cambridge: What is 'May Week'?

Cambridge is a great city for students. Not only is it home to one of the most famous universities in the world, it's also a vibrant and buzzing place with beautiful architecture and an exciting social scene.

We spoke to one of our students studying at Kaplan Cambridge, Daniela Santiago Forero, to find out about what happens at Cambridge during May Week.

students sitting by the river

What is May Week?

'May Week' takes place every year in June, and it's arguably the most exciting time of year for partying in Cambridge. It's the week when all the colleges at the university come together to throw parties and celebrate the end of the academic year. Although these celebrations aren’t open to the public – some parties do involve fireworks displays and as always, our Social Program Manager made sure that we were able to join in the fun and go and see one!

students overlooking the river

A Night at May Week

We joined on a busy night when lots of other people wanted to get into the boats on the River Cam.  Luckily, the college had reserved three boats for Kaplan students!

We punted along the River Cam until we got in front of St John’s College, which is locally known as the Wedding Cake because of its design. As always, the magnificence of the colleges and the river was amazing, especially at night.

King's College, Cambridge at night

There we sat amongst other locals and party goers and waited for the fireworks spectacle to start. We were all together as a group and the atmosphere was just perfect. The firework display itself was the most amazing thing, the sequence was synchronized with music, the sky was full of color and we couldn’t tear our eyes away!

If you’re studying or travelling to the UK this summer, Cambridge is a wonderful place to study. It's fantastic to be part of a town that has so many great things happening.

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