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How can Kaplan promise you'll progress your English?

Some of our courses offer you Guaranteed Progress in English fluency, promising that you will improve your level of English every 10 weeks. Not only that, but if you meet our requirements and don’t reach that goal, we offer four weeks of extra tuition for free.


How can we promise that? We don’t know you. You might be terrible at learning languages. So how do we guarantee not only that you will improve, but that you’ll see a measurable difference in such a specific period of time?


The fastest level-to-level progress


We’re not the only school to offer a promise that your English will develop. But, no other school offers such meaningful progress in such a short space of time as Kaplan. And we’re being specific with this. We’re not saying that you will know a few more words, or be a little bit more confident. We’re saying that after 10 weeks, studying an Intensive English course, you will go up one level – and our proficiency levels are aligned to internationally recognised CEFR standards.

In fact, many of our students progress far faster – but we can’t promise that for everyone. But we can guarantee progression after 10 weeks, because of the structure of our courses.


Grow and progress at Kaplan
Learn English at Kaplan, nurture your speaking skills and progress quickly 




Structured around improvement


We measure your English ability every 10 weeks that you study with us. All our course material is organized around these milestones. Every level is split up into five areas, each with a course book covering two weeks of lessons. By the end of 10 weeks, a class has covered everything they need to know in order to advance to the next level. 


Progress your English with friends
Following the Kaplan learning method will allow maximum progress


Meaningful improvements every 10 weeks


Our levels of English that we measure aren’t just made up by us to fit our books, the books are designed to fit the levels.

Each one of our six levels of proficiency is directly mapped to an equivalent from the CEFR standard of learning. Whilst some language schools add extra levels that are aligned with the CEFR (so it can take two or three levels to actually advance one of the CEFR levels), and advancement at Kaplan can be directly compared with these officially recognised standards.


A sensible investment in your English education


Learning English with Kaplan is always one of the best investments you can make in your English language education. Nowhere can offer you the same promise of progression on your English proficiency as Kaplan.



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