Our Guide to Summer in California!

California is the prestigious destination of the summer with nature events, sports, music, outdoor cinemas and other arts festivals. You would probably need 22 summers in a row in order to do everything that California has to offer during the high season! As usual, Kaplan International English has made your detective work easier by digging out the best and coolest events this summer in California has to offer. So pack your bag and let’s go!

Semana Nautica Sports Festival

One of the biggest sports festivals in California is hosted in Santa Barbara from the 1st to the 11th of July. Swimming, volleyball and inline hockey are on the cards but the biggest event is the unforgettable Krazy Kardboard Kayak race, a must-see where fun is guaranteed! Be sure to be in Santa Barbara, west beach on the 9th of July from 1pm.

Free Friday Night bands on the beach 

Santa Cruz’s top summer attraction is the free music concerts, which take place every Friday night on the beach from June to September. There are two major bands playing for free every week in that period! Top acts to check this summer are Eric Burton & The Animals on June 24th and many others on Aug 12th such as Berlin featuring Terri Nunn.

Inner City Arts Summer on 30th July

Los Angeles is the place to be on the 30th of July because of this mega festival. You can drink and eat different foods from the world, but the top motive is the Hip-Hop highlights with DJs from the world and LA. Get ready from 7 pm to midnight in case you need help to get your groove on, as the internationally known hip hop dancers from VersaStyle will be around to teach you some moves!

Free movies on the beach

Santa Cruz turns nights into days and give you more free events for the summer. If you love movies, be sure to see everyone’s old favourites in a great atmosphere. Go down to the beach to enjoy Ghostbusters on the 13th of July, Top Gun on the 20th, ET on the 27th and Back to the Future on August 10th.

Night-time Zoo

San Diego extends the visits to its worldwide famous zoo into the hot nights. From June to September, you can visit the Zoo until 9pm and get involved in some events as well. This year San Diego’s Zoo is celebrating the wonders of China with special events like Panda Trek, the Golden Lion Acrobats and much more on Friday and Saturday nights.

Family Day Kite Festival

In San Francisco, if you have a kite or if you want to be impressed by the sight of spectacular kites flown high above the Marina Green, then this is something you must see!

The highlight of the day will be to see amazing acrobatic kites of world champions. This event takes place on Saturday the 17th of September from 11:00am to 6:00pm at the Little Marina Green Park, Marina Boulevard and Yacht Harbor Road.

These are a few of the top events during this summer in California, but rest assured that wherever you will be, there is nothing quite like a Californian summer!

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