Summer in the USA: Philadelphia

We’re exploring five amazing cities you won’t want to miss if you choose to study with Kaplan in the USA this summer.

This week we take a closer look at one of the most charming American cities – Philadelphia. Learn all about the country’s historic roots while discovering some local charm and flavor in the home of the American Revolution.


Why is Philadelphia a perfect summer destination?

The City of Brotherly Love is an interesting summer hub with plenty of fun things to do. Our English school in Philadelphia is located right in the heart of downtown, within walking distance from plenty historical sights like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall – there is history on every corner!

Like many other Northeastern cities, the summer season allows for plenty of fun cultural activities in Philadelphia. Each year, the city hosts fantastic events such as Night Market Philadelphia, a travelling street food festival that stops in five neighborhoods, and Made in America, a two-day music festival in Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Philadelphia Indepence Hall
Visit the historic Independence Hall


How to spend a day like a local?

Philadelphia natives love their sports. On a hot summer day, you can head to Citizen Bank’s Park to cheer on the local baseball team, the Phillies. Later, you can beat the heat by grabbing a spot in the shade and cooling down with some tasty gelato – a summer staple in this very Italian city. Gran Caffe L'Aquila and Capofitto are two popular local options.

Philadelphia Gelato
What's better than gelato on a hot summer day?


A meal you can’t miss

If you have ever met a Philadelphia native, you have probably heard about the Philly Cheesesteak. This treat is thought to have originated in South Philadelphia in the 1930s, and believe us, it’s delicious! You can really only understand how amazing a Philly Cheesestake when you try it in the city where it was invented – no other city can make it quite the same way!

The most famous restaurant that serves this local treat is Pat’s King of Steaks – a chain now, with its original location in the East Passyunk neighborhood.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak
You have to try a phill cheesesteak – there's nothing like it!


From the “Rocky Steps” in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous by Sylvester Stallone, to the music at the annual Made in America festival, founded by Jay-Z, there are so many quintessentially American things to discover in Philadelphia during the summer.

Have we missed activities in Philadelphia you would like to recommend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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