Start the Summer of a lifetime - jobs and internships abroad


What are your plans this summer?

Would you like to learn English in another country where you could earn work experience, have fun, experience different cultures and make new friends?

At Kaplan, we have the full package that covers all of these areas – the OPUS and internship programs!

  • OPUS Programs

This summer we offer placements for work and study in amazing locations around the world – the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Not only do you get to work and study English, you can get first hand work experience in other countries.

Some job examples are working in:

  • Retail (Cafés, Bars, Restaurants and Shops)
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Cleaning offices and hotels)
  • Agriculture (Fruit picking/farm work)

Also experience the great and unique cultures of different countries!

Some examples are visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, swimming with the dolphins in Akaroa, New Zealand, living in the most liveable city as voted for by the Economist in Vancouver (see more about this great city here!) and visiting the beautiful English countryside.

See our locations here:

In this way, your classes and work placement can complement each other beautifully and will make your English learning a lot easier and faster! The OPUS is also a good option for helping to cover some expenses i.e. accommodation and travel.

Start Dates: Every Monday (Tuesday if a Bank Holiday)

  • Internship Program

We have a wide variety of different sectors to gain great work experience whilst learning about different cultures, having fun and making new friends!

With professional placements, you need to take an English Test which is free and helps to allocate your level and how long it will take to reach the next level.

With the choice of subject and full time/part time, we have a program to suit everyone!

Full time programs are available in England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. These positions include experience in many sectors: from Media to Law and IT as well as many more in a wide range of prestigious organisations with part time availability in the USA (see more details here)

The next starting date is the 20th June 2011

See how you could benefit from the summer of a lifetime with Kaplan!

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