[email protected]: Surfin' USA (and Australia)

Many of our destinations worldwide offer some of the best surfing opportunities! Surfing is a great way to make new friends, practice your English and enjoy the ocean waves.

Here are some comments from our surfing students around the world!

Carlos, from Spain, studied and surfed in San Diego, California.

Carlos, San Diego

What's your favorite thing about surfing?
My favorite thing when I am surfing  is that I can feel the freedom and the environment. For me it's the perfect moment in the day to disconnect.

What do you enjoy about your course?
I enjoy learning English with students from around the world because we can share different experiences.

Has surfing in the USA helped you learn English in any way?
Surfing is one of my favorite ways to improve my English because you can meet a lot of friendly people in the ocean.

Daniela, from Germany, has studied in Sydney, Australia.

Daniela surfing in Sydney

Why is Sydney great for surfing?
It's really close to the best beaches for surfing.

What's your favorite thing about surfing?
My favorite thing is feeling the power of the waves and getting speed from them.

Has surfing in Australia helped you learn English in any way?
Yes, I talked to a lot of people from other countries. English was the only way to understand each other.

What's your favorite thing about your school?
Meeting other people, practicing English and helpful lessons.

Andres, from Venezuela, studied and surfed in Perth, Australia.

Andres, surfing in Perth

Why is Perth location a great surfing spot?
The local beach Scarborough is good for kiting in summer and surfing in winter, plus Margaret River is only 3 hrs drive away – Margaret River will be on the ASP WCT circuit next year, proof that it is has one of the world’s best waves. The west coast is known as the Hawaii of Australia.

Has surfing in Australia helped you learn English in any way?
It has enabled me to meet real Aussie mates, join the local culture, a share time with native speakers.

Have you made any friends because of surfing?
Oh, yes, every day I meet new Aussie people in the water. I also surf with friends from Kaplan from Spain and Brazil. I take trips with fellow surfing students to Margaret River, Rottnest and Lancelin.

What's your favourite thing about your school?
The central location; Kaplan is on the west side of the city, which positions me closer to get to the beach after school. The teachers have been great. I have also enjoyed other after school activities, such as Aussie rules football matches, soccer, and school parties. Kaplan Perth has a well balanced mix of nationalities and I have made many friends from all over the world.

When there are no waves, Perth offers lots of other sporting outdoor activities and nice weather. I mountain bike, SUP & have competed in two 12 km fun-runs.

Keep an eye out for more stories from our surfing students around the world! Do you enjoy surfing? Where's your favorite place to catch a wave?

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