TOEFL Exam Preparation in Chicago: Alex's story

Alex, a 25 year old from Spain, spent 25 weeks preparing for the TOEFL exam and studying English in Chicago, USA. Find out about his motivations, experiences and why he loves studying in Chicago so much.

How will your course help you in the future?

I chose Kaplan IIT for two reasons: the city and because it is associated with a university. I am preparing to take the TOEFL, which will help me to apply for a master's degree here in the US. Moreover, Kaplan is helping me to find an internship as an architect.

Describe your typical lesson. 

There are several types of lessons, but we often combine reading, writing and speaking. For TOEFL preparations, the exercises are demanding but we often talk about what's happening and the news, which helps us learn in a more relaxed way.

What is the best thing about the teachers and teaching method?

The best is the organization, the dynamic and the number of people in class. The organization per week means you take a quiz on Monday that helps you organize all you learned the week before. The dynamic and the low number of students in class contribute to learning in a relaxed way, making teachers very accessible.

Has your English improved?

My English has improved very fast. All the facilities in Kaplan help you to learn as much as you want. The fact that you live in Chicago and you always need English to communicate with everyone, including Kaplan students, helps.

What do you like most about Kaplan Chicago IIT?

The proximity of all the staff who work with us every day. The atmosphere in the school and the good cheer makes Kaplan a great family. The staff is always open to have feedback from students, and the teachers help make things work in the best way.

What I really like from the city is the architecture and the people. The good public transportation, the great cultural agenda, the beauty of the architecture and the open and friendly people make Chicago a great city to live in.

What is the best thing about studying with people from around the world?

You can learn about other cultures and it gives you a wide vision of the world that can be useful in a future professional context.

Would you recommend Kaplan?

I would recommend Kaplan because it is a recognized school around the world, but they are also in constant improvement to adapt our exercises for us. The support you receive is not only about the language, it is moreover like a family that helps you in many ways.

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