TOEFL Preparation in Canada: Fulya's Story

Fulya, a 25 year old student from Turkey, is taking a TOEFL preparation course with Kaplan in Toronto. She answered a few of our questions about what it's like to study English in Canada for 5 months. 

The 25 year old told us how happy she was to progress in  English, and to show us what life is like in for a student in Toronto.

What were you doing before choosing to study at Kaplan?
I was working for a law firm.

How has your English improved since studying at Kaplan?
When I came here my level was B2 (intermediate). After 10 weeks my level became C1 (proficient).

What do you love the most about Toronto?
Toronto is a safe, peaceful and quiet place to live. 

What do you like about the school?
The quality of the teachers is very high at Kaplan Toronto, and they care your education.

What do you like the most about your teachers?
My teachers are all professionals and organized. They all know how to teach with fun.

Why would you recommend Kaplan to your friends back home in Turkey?
Because Kaplan is serious about your education. It is not only a vacation language school. You can really learn English there.

How do you think studying English with Kaplan will help your future?
I am studying TOEFL, and if I get the score that I need, I can find a good job with a good salary.

What do you plan to do after you finish studying?
I am planning to do an internship in Toronto.

Do you think this course has helped you with your future goals? How?
Sure. So far my grammar and vocabulary knowledge has increased thanks to my general English class. After my TOEFL score, everything will be great for my future.

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