Top 10 cheap restaurants in Central London

Cheap eats in London
Cheap eats in London

Kaplan Students guide to cheap eats in Central London

If you still think that “cheap restaurants in London” is a contradictory term, you better let Kaplan International Colleges show you that wallet friendly restaurants can be as tasteful as la haute cuisine. Follow the guide!

  1. Franco Manca

One of our favourites! The freshly made pizzas are astonishingly cheap (all under £6) and flawless: the crust, the tomato sauce, the ingredients are worth the wait. Don't forget to try out the organic lemonade, one of our students' favourites! A delight..

2. Hummus Bros

In this café and take-away place, some of the best hummus in london is served as a base in every dish, along with their excellent pitta bread. Hummus with roasted vegetables, hummus with guacamole, hummus with a Greek salad, you name it! If you're looking for something original, filling and cheap, give peas a chance!

3. Maroush/Ranoush

They're all over London, and here's why: the food is delicious, the bill is minimal and they're open until 3 am! In more than 11 Lebanese restaurants, you will find fresh, fragrant and exotic food for a small price. The fresh squeezed juices are very popular among students, along with the famous shish taouk. Vegetarians and vegans will also find plenty of dishes to taste from.

4. Bi Bim Bap

Kim-what? Kimchi. Now that you're in London, it's high time you tasted Korean food. The menu is varied, the food nutritious, filling and delicious. Tofu, spicy pork and seafood are a delight. The perfect place for a cheap, friendly and healthy meal!

5. Leon

This fast food café is a heaven for organic-food lovers. The food is healthy, fresh, and cheap (any wrap is under £5) and Leon has a range of seasonal dishes to choose from. If you've run out of energy, try their power smoothie to boost you for the rest of the day!

6. Kulu Kulu Sushi

Who said sushi had to be expensive? In this restaurant near Piccadilly circus, forget the posh reputation of sushi – here, it's all about being homely and accessible. If you've never tried raw fish, this is a good place to start. Bonus: free unlimited Green Tea every time you order.

7. Chipotle

Me gustan burritos, y tú? The USA's biggest burrito chain finally landed in London – and if you're not scared of queuing, this is the place to be. The burritos are just brilliant: ingredients are fresh (salsas are made several times a day), tasty and if you leave out the cheese and sour cream, you could almost say they're healthy.

8. Beatroot

This vegetarian restaurant is a handy place to know. Not only can you eat for less than £6, but you will also be surprised at the high quality of the food. Enjoy one of the 10 different dishes and salads while sipping on a juice or smoothie freshly made from the bar. Bliss.

9. My Old Dutch

This pancake house is worth a visit. The pancakes are massive and it's not your typical sugar topped variety – no, Mexican with chilli meat and guacamole, greek with olives and tomatoes, or even make your own...the savory pancake options are limitless! Good to know: pancakes are £5 every Monday!

10. Meraz Café

Located in the heart of Brick Lane, this Indian restaurant serves most main dishes for under £5. The food is spicy, delicate and this is by far one of the best curries you will find in the area. Try a Korma or the Lamb Shank while you're there...or ask the friendly staff for recommendations!

So who said eating in London had to be expensive? And here is another tip for you: register on or to get the latest vouchers while you stay in London!

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