Top 10 cheap restaurants in Los Angeles

Kaplan students guide to cheap eats in LA

Impossible to find a cheap restaurant in the City of Angels? Clearly, you have not spoken to Kaplan International Colleges students to find out the best cheap eats in town. Luckily, we have – here is the secret list revealing a few delicious yet cheap restaurants in LA….

1. Daikokuya

This restaurant in Little Tokyo is a real gem. Try the fried spicy tuna wrapped in a shiso leaf for less than $6. If you’re really hungry, go for the ramen: their tonkotsu soup is famous all around town. Expect a wait when you come…but trust us, it’s worth it!

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2. Umami Burger

If you want a great and inexpensive burger, you’ve come to the right place. Umami Burger has become a Californian institution, and here is why: the ingredients on the burgers are fresh, meat is perfectly cooked and the fries are fresh cut and not frozen. If you’re vegetarian, don’t you worry, Umami Burger is veggie-friendly: the grilled cheese with tomato and grilled onions burger is fantastic.

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3. Tacos Baja

The only thing better than Tacos Baja…is two! One of the best places around to get a Taco! The tacos crunchy and delicious, the salsa and guacamole are homemade and it really shows! This place offers delicious food for under $5!

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4. Parus Restaurant

One of our students’ favourite! You will love the South Indian food: anything from daal, vegetable curries, vata (fritters, some with yogurt sauce), rice dishes, and breads galore—idli, naan, pappadum, dosa. Our students loved the Queen Paru while drinking a mango lassi. Bliss.

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5. Papa Cristo's

If you want Mediterranean food, head to this Greek restaurant! The food is delicious, made from fresh ingredients. Whether you want dolmas, grilled octopus, roasted lamb, and tsipoura, Papa Cristo’s can do it for you! Bonus: every Thursday Papa Cristo’s hosts a family-style feast with belly dancers.

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6. Nyala

This Ethiopian restaurant is one of our students’ favourites. Vegetarians will love the lentils, peas and beans extravaganza. Add some lamb or beef wot—an Ethiopian stew— and taste what happens when flavours mix. Worth a visit!

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7. Fred 62

If you’re looking for a late dinner or very early breakfast, this 24-hour diner is for you! The “hunk of burning love” pancakes with chocolate, bananas, peanut butter, dulce de leche are amazing. If you prefer salty, you will love the Santa Fe frittata with chorizo, chillies, tomato and cheese. At any time of the day, this place offers fantastic food for under $10!

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8. Factor’s Famous Deli

This place will soon become your lunch fix in LA! With a menu as long as an encyclopaedia, you may have trouble choosing which dish to go for, from the tasty whitefish salad to the Greek omelette and all the other fantastic dishes in between! Make sure not to skip dessert, because the cakes are just delicious: for a safe choice, go for the rockslide brownie or try the banana caramel cheesecake if you feel adventurous!

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9. Wurstküche

Located in the Arts district of LA, this German restaurant is easy to miss. It would be a mistake to go past it though: sausages are all under $8 each, and you get to pick two out of four toppings--caramelized onions, sauerkraut, sweet peppers, or spicy peppers. Don't forget to try their beers along with your meal!

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10. Casa Bianca

40mn wait for a pizza? When we tell you it’s worth the wait, it is worth the wait. Once the waitress puts the pizza on your table, you will understand. Perfect crust, delicious tomato sauce and a generous coating of mozzarella would not even pay it justice. Did we mention you could eat for less than $10?

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