Top 10 cheap restaurants in New York

Kaplan Students guide to cheap eats in NYC

No, a $25 meal is not cheap. At Kaplan International Colleges, when we say cheap, we really mean it. If you’re looking for a great meal without an extravagant bill, then follow the recommendations of our students!

1. Mumbai Express

You can find many spots for dosas and chaat in New York, but Mumbai Express is quite unique, offering more than 99 dishes! Prices are low, from $3 to $8. A delight.

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2. Bill’s Bar and Burger

A burger cooked to perfection with crispy edges? For $5.95 you say? Yes, this is the amazing deal you get at this burger place. Don’t forget to try the milkshakes while you’re there. Apparently Oreo or Mint milkshakes are the way to go!

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3. Ronnybrook Milk Bar

Speaking of milkshakes, this place claims to be a specialist. The verdict? We couldn’t agree more! The food is also delicious, made from very fresh ingredients. Try the chicken sandwich with a hazelnut milkshake for a great meal!

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4. The Rusty Knot

This place is a time machine, walking in and you're back in the 70s. The atmosphere is incredible and the home-made food will get you addicted. Our students loved the meat pies with sweetbread and the chicken-liver-and-bacon sandwich with red-onion marmalade. Worth a visit!

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5. Baoguette

This gourmet shop offers filling and flavourful sandwiches with crusty yet soft bread. For $5, this Vietnamese place gives you fresh, fragrant and nutritious food. The perfect place for a cheap and healthy meal!

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6. Tacos Matamoros

One of our students’ favourites! In this Mexican restaurant, meet the perfect combination of corn tortilla, soft meat, spice, and freshness for $1.25-$1.75! What is more, this restaurant is two blocks away Sunset Park where you can have an amazing view of Manhattan!

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7. Kitchenette Uptown

One of the best pancakes in New York you can have! Head to this place for breakfast, and try the blueberry pancakes or homemade french toast with strawberries. Or go for brunch and order a make-your-own-omelet with tomatoes and goat cheese. At any time of the day, this place offers fantastic food for under $10!

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8. Mrs. Kim’s

This little restaurant transforms Korean classics into exquisite contemporary dishes! Try the kimchee plate ($6 for five flavors) and the Korean fried chicken, served on a bed of rice and basil leaves. With an eclectic menu and a great atmosphere, you can’t go wrong for a cheap and friendly meal!

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9. Agnanti

This is one of the most authentic Greek restaurants in New York, and you get an epic oversight on Astoria Park for the same price! We’ve tried the grilled fish specials and the salads and we can’t wait to go back!

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10. Karczma

In this Polish restaurant, the food is home made, tasty and cheap. The pierogies are filling and come with sour cream. We also love the potato pancakes, but the best way to go is to order the Polish platter for $10 and get to taste a little bit of everything!

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