Top 10 Interview Tips from Kaplan International

Job interviews aren’t easy, but they aren’t the end of the world either! We do understand that not everyone is at ease about going to a job interview; some of us sweat like we were on the Sahara desert, others are so nervous that we can’t keep our legs from shaking and a few have mental blackouts, which avoid us from answering questions that we know by heart.

To help you avoid common mistakes and get you prepared for your job interviews, we have provided a list of the top 10 interview tips:

1. Do research about the company you’re going to be interviewed for. Browse their website for what they do, how they do it and the type of product or service that they provide. Look out for the “About Us” and “Our Team” pages. Also look out for the company on social networks. Are they on Facebook? On Twitter? Equally, Google the company name and see the good things being said about them as well as the bad!

2. Research the interviewer. Look out for LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and Google him/her as well. If you find out that you share a common interest or hobby, this might help to break the ice!

3.  Prepare your journey. You will want to arrive 15 minutes before the interview time. Search for the best route, time travel length and if you driving, where to park.

4. Review the Job description. If you don’t have it, request it either to the Recruitment Agent or whoever arranged the interview for you. When reviewing the job description, select 3 tasks to be performed and match these with previous experience on your CV.

5. Dress for success! Even if you know that the office environment of the company is casual, dress smart and remember to polish your shoes! If you smoke, have a mint before entering the interview room. Do not use pins or badges associated with football, politics or religion. Ladies should avoid too much make-up and strongly scented perfume! Prepare to give a firm but not crushing handshake. Ladies, this applies to you too!

6. Listen carefully to the questions asked. Do not jump to answer them; consider your reply briefly and start answering with: “In my experience…” where this can be applied, of course!

7. The interview is a two way process. Do not go on and on about your previous experience, answer to the questions put forward to you concisely. After this, you can follow up by asking: “Would you like me to elaborate?” etc. if they want to hear more information.

8. Have a clear answer about why you are the right person for the job. Give details of relevant experience, personality traits that you have and that are necessary to perform the task. If you really want the job, tell the interviewer why and how much you want the job.

9. Have 3 questions ready to ask the interviewer. This shows that you’ve prepared yourself for the interview and your interest in the job.

10. At the end of the interview, ask when the suitable candidate will start. This will give you a timeframe about how long to wait for a reply, but also shows the interviewer that you are really keen on the job. When saying your goodbyes, thank the interviewer for the opportunity given to you to be part of the recruitment process.

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