Top 10 things to do in Washington D.C.

Washington, the capital of the United States and its political center, as well as home to most of the U.S. presidents. But, did you know? Even though the city was named after him, George Washington never actually lived in the District of Columbia.

Even if you’re not really a history fan, D.C. offers an incredible array of attractions. Experience this dynamic political city for yourself and explore everything from its music scene to its amazing restaurants and world-renowned museums. To explore every fascinating secret that this capital has to offer, read our Top 10 things to do in Washington D.C.!

1) Be amazed by architecture of some of the country’s most beautiful buildings: the majestic White House (the official residence of the President) and the beautiful Capitol building (where Congress meets). The free tour of the magnificent Library of Congress is also a must! It has the most books of any library in the world.

2) Visit the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials: Stare up at the wise faces of the imposing stone statues of these former presidents, two very important ones in U.S. history. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous 1963 speech, “I Have a Dream,” was given at the Lincoln Memorial, and the area still evokes strong feelings in many people. While there, be sure to walk around the Reflecting Pool, which faces the Lincoln Memorial.

3) You can take the history-lesson-with-a-twist on one of the City’s organized Treasure Hunts, where you must use antique clues to unlock the mysteries of the past. Guaranteed fun!

4) The National Air and Space Museum has the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world! You can also watch a 3D show on the Hubble telescope or the documentary, “Legends of Flight”.

5) The Smithsonian Institute, a renowned educational authority and star of Hollywood Blockbuster “Night at the Museum”. Discover a world of interesting ideas and events in all sorts of free museums: the American Art Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Portrait Gallery, the National Zoo and even more!

6) Feel the vibes in the thriving live music bars of U Street and enjoy its energetic nightlife! It was made famous for housing jazz pianist Duke Ellington and is loaded with jazz clubs and music venues.

7) Feeling hungry? Try one of the tasty offerings in DuPont Circle. In this northwester D.C. neighborhood, you’ll find many fine restaurants from world-famous chefs. Don’t miss the farmer’s market every Sunday morning!

8) Go for a nice bargain hunt in bustling Georgetown. Find that special something for you or visit one of the many high-end boutiques in Washington’s premier shopping destination!

9) Nature lovers: hit the water! Get away from it all with a sail along the Potomac River’s gentle waters. Kayak along the river and face some of the more challenging bends, or book a cruise that leads you around the city’s famous monuments. Don’t forget your camera!

10) Spend sunny days enjoying the picturesque scenery in Washington’s Rock Creek Park. You can relax and have a lovely picnic, see a play or even partake in sports such as tennis, cycling, hiking, rollerblading and golf!

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