Top 10 things to do in Vancouver

Whilst Ottawa is the country´s capital, we  start our journey into Canada in Vancouver, the town of million and one things to do! From art to nature, from science to shopping and even a little bit of movie production, follow our guide for Top 10 things to do in Vancouver:

1. Stanley Park: One of the biggest parks in the world, Stanley Park was also voted the best park in North America. With acres and acres of land, a huge variety of trees, waterfalls, lakes as well as an impressive seawalk, you could get lost in this park for days. Arrive early in the day to get the most out of the park or visit it at the end of the day for one of the most striking sunsets in the world!

2. Granville Island: What was once an industrial area is now a hot spot for those looking for arts and crafts markets and more contemporary culture. Covering over 37 acres of land, it’s best to visit Granville during the week as weekends can be very busy. However, it’s still worth visiting anytime as there is plenty of buzz around. Did you know: Although it has “island” on the name, is actually a Peninsula!

3. Vancouver Aquarium: Situated inside Stanley Park, this is one of Vancouver´s pearls. In this aquarium you can see sharks, exotic sea animals and belugas. The aquarium is the one of the biggest in Canada and North America. You really need a full day to see and be amused by all the different species.

4. English Bay: Accessible from Stanley Park, this bay features in any Vancouver itinerary. This is a wonderful beach buzzing with people but also provides a very peaceful atmosphere. You can just enjoy the sun, swim, canoe, and walk and after all this exercise indulge yourself in one of the many restaurants around. From Italian, Indian and African, to Mexican, French and Greek cuisine, you have a lot to choose from.

5. Vancouver Art Gallery: With a collection of 10,000 art pieces, this gallery is one of the biggest in Canada with works from national and international artists. Even the building where the gallery is situated is a focus of attention too. Built over 100 years ago, it is a landmark building featuring marble from Alaska.

6. Grouse Mountain: A mountain to enjoy any time of year. In the summer the activities vary from kayaking, canoeing, hiking to mountain biking and the winter is the favourite spot for snowboarding and skiing. Any season is good to trail and whatever you choose, you will be able to enjoy of the most natural beauties of Canada.

7. Science World:  Known of Vancouver´s skyline as the ball building, you can experience almost everything about science here with hands-on exhibits about Physics; sound and light. Here you can find as well the Alcan Omnimax Theatre with amazing films about Antarctica and other nature in North America.

8. Robson Street: Shopping at last! If you want to indulge yourself in some shopping, buying up to the minute fashions as well as vintage finds and unusual accessories, this is the place to go.

9. The Rocky mountain train: Catch this train towards the mountains and lose yourself in the nature of the mountains. Any season of the year gives you stunning views of the mountains surrounding Vancouver and its lakes.

10.  The Anthropology Museum: You might say we saved the best for last. Situated on the campus of the University of British Columbia, it holds incredible artefacts from around the world. Visitors from all over come to this museum usually to admire the awesome collection of Totems from North America.

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