Photo Quiz: Are you a Travel Expert?

Do you feel like you’ve travelled and seen the world? Could you recognize Kuala Lumpur from Ulan Bator, or Torquay from Milwaukee? Test yourself with our fun travel quiz.

Take a look at our students’ photographs of Kaplan destinations, and try to guess where each one was taken.

For a completely correct answer; grant yourself three points, if you have picked the correct country or city; give yourself one point. You can find the answers at the end of the clues.

Good luck, and enjoy!

  1) This city is commonly named ‘The City of Roses’, as the climate is ideal for growing the beautiful flowers. Our students here can enjoy many outdoor activities such as skiing, as the city boasts the longest ski season in the US.
  2) Our students in this friendly city can pay a visit to the world’s tallest free standing structure, as shown in the picture. Where can you find this iconic building?
  3) This one is a bit tricky, but note the Norfolk Island Pine trees in the photo, which are symbolic of this place. Here you can enjoy the sun and sand at our beachfront school, and take the scenic ferry ride to a famous harbour.
  4) This photo is taken from one of the many tall buildings in this high-rise city, which has the second largest number of completed skyscrapers in the world. This could be the reason it is nicknamed The Big Apple!
  5) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our students! They are flying high in the frequently rainy sky of this city; home to the world’s most famous football club.
  6) This blustery city sits on the shore of the vast Lake Michigan. Students here can sample many tasty treats, from the city’s famed pizzas, to the delights on offer at the world’s largest free food festival.
  7) In the photo you can see the famous Pike Place Market where students can sample local produce. In this city, you can climb to the top of the ‘Space Needle’ and look down at the original Starbucks coffee shop.
  8) This bridge plays a starring role in a recent Hollywood action film, do you recognize it? The bridge isn’t the only celebrity, as this city is home to one of the world’s most famous universities.
  9) The photo shows a spectacular sight, which can be reached from four of our Kaplan schools. This point where two countries meet makes for an unforgettable day trip!
  10)  The ‘City of Sails’ that has it all: 50 islands, sandy beaches, bush-covered hills, and extinct volcanoes. Our students will never be short of fun activities here!
  11) In this picture you can see the World Capital City of Pop.  No other nationality in the world has produced as many hit records as the ‘Scousers’.
  12) This city is home to some of the most powerful people in the world. Its link with politics stems even to its name, which was taken from the first president of this country.
  13) Students come to see this beautiful skyline at night, and experience the city’s buzzing nightlife! This place is more affectionately known as ‘Bris-Vegas’ due to its cosmopolitan lifestyle.
  14) This lively city is home to the famous beer pictured in this photo. Our students have the opportunity to sample the local brew in one of the 666 registered bars and clubs here!
  15) Our students are jumping for joy in the sunniest city to feature in the Travel Quiz. This city is famous for its beautiful weather all-year round, and its many man-made ‘lakes’, where people can cool off.
  16) The only place where two World Heritage-listed areas are side-by-side, students here can dive the depths of the Great Barrier Reef or soar above the world’s oldest tropical rainforest.
  17) This city was the birthplace of the American Revolution and has a rich colonial history. Today it is defined by its vibrant neighbourhoods, and is nicknamed ‘The City of Neighborhoods’.
  18)  The big red buses in this picture may give away this busy and vibrant capital city. Students here also travel around on The Tube, which recently celebrated its 150th birthday.
  19) This city, also known as "Hollywood North" is consistently listed as one of the top five worldwide cities for liveability. Students here have access to many local ski resorts, such as famous Whistler Mountain.
  20) This city built on seven hills is famous for its rich history and cultural program. Many visitors flock here for the world’s largest arts festival each year in August.

Did you recognize all of the destinations? You can find the answers below…


  1. Portland, USA
  2. Toronto, Canada
  3. Manly, Australia
  4. New York, USA
  5. Manchester, England
  6. Chicago, USA
  7. Seattle, USA
  8. Oxford, England
  9. Niagara Falls, Canada/USA
  10. Auckland, New Zealand
  11. Liverpool, England
  12. Washington, D.C., USA
  13. Brisbane, Australia
  14. Dublin, Ireland
  15. San Diego, USA
  16. Cairns, Australia
  17. Boston, USA
  18. London, England
  19. Vancouver, Canada
  20. Edinburgh, Scotland


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