Unforgettable nights out in Philadelphia with Kaplan International

You’re in the USA for Independence Day, so that means one unforgettable night of celebrations right? Actually if you’re in Philadelphia, it means 11 unforgettable nights of fireworks, concerts and more.

Philadelphia has definitely learnt how to have fun after dark during its long and rich US history and today offers a nightlife scene Kaplan’s English language students can’t help falling in love with. Once classes are over in Philadelphia, you have the chance to drink your way round ever type of bar imaginable. Start at the luxurious wood panelled wine bar at Penn’s view hotel, followed by stylish Martini bar Continental and a whole host of American Brewpubs. Even if you’re going easy on the spending, Philadelphia has something for you; Dirty Franks offers unique wall art, an extensive jukebox selection and great value beer.

The night doesn’t have to end there though. Try out the lively Latin rhythms of salsa club Brasil’s or check out the flowing feel of watery themed Philadelphia nightclub, Fluid, for the latest underground music and top DJ’s. Prefer another genre?  The laid back Medusa club attracts students from Kaplan International Colleges’ Philadelphia English school, with everything from reggae to drum and bass. Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus, on the other hand, combines lively music with livelier flavours, serving spicy Cajun and American food, while the Tin angel acoustic café caters for rock, blues and country fans.

If you’re looking for a feast for the eyes instead, why not head to one of Philadelphia’s many cinemas and theatres or the Helium comedy club. Alternatively, enjoy the unlikely combination of Cabaret and crêpes at French themed Crêperie Beaumonde. More traditional American food can be found at Philadelphia’s North 3rd restaurant, mixing classic US recipes with arty independent film screenings and delicious cocktails.

Bet you didn’t think the US city known for its cultural history would be home to all that did you? Study with Kaplan in Philadelphia to see for yourself.

If you’ve ever been out in this unique city, don’t hesitate to share your top Philadelphia night life tips with other readers by leaving a comment.

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