Valentine’s Day around the World – Where is the Love?


It’s that time of year again when the scent of love is in the air! Deals on chocolates, flowers and perfume have been springing up for this day that has evolved from the feast day of Saint Valentine. Show your love for partners, spouses, family and friends with our worldwide guide!


Gift-giving (usually jewellery, chocolate and greetings cards) is the main order of the day, along with the platonic greeting thrown around of “Happy Valentine’s Day!” There are also Valentine’s Day programmes in schools where they put on plays, songs and dances.

Good places to spend Valentines in the USA include Tennessee, Hawaii and Nevada (Las Vegas being in that line up!). They are known as the most romantic cities in America.


Celebrated very similarly to the US, balls and parties are normally held throughout, especially in high schools. Gifts of flowers and chocolates are given to loved ones on this day.

Good places to spend VD in Canada are the Niagara Falls, the honeymoon city of the world and Quebec City with its European charm.


This is quite a special celebration Down Under! In fact, surveys have revealed that men tend to be more romantic than women on this day in Australia, with more cards and gifts bought than women. If you want to start a romantic adventure, keep this in mind!

Where to go Down Under? If you’d like to celebrate with a shotgun wedding, go to New South Wales where they have a special registry office for Valentine’s Day.  You can also book a LIVE adrenaline experience from sea kayaking to helicopter flights to mark the day.

New Zealand

As the home of adrenaline activities, there’s nothing better than a little fear to heat things up! Cycling and River rafting competitions take place in many areas of New Zealand. Gifts are also important with cards, chocolates and scented bundles being the usual fare!

Some suggestions of where to go this Valentine’s Day include the Glass Room of the Sky Tower, where you could get a private dining space with a beautiful bird’s eye view of Auckland. An alternative is Dunedin, celebrating the romantic feel of a past era from a place filled with heritage sites.


This is where budding poets get out their quills and parchment… I mean computers and laptops and start drafting poetry to surprise loved ones. Cards, chocolates and bouquets are the usual gifts of choice.  This year, a lot of speculation is building up as to where the royal lovebirds Prince William and Kate Middleton will be spending their Valentine’s break!

Where to go?

If you can afford royal prices, places like the Bluebird Restaurant and the Halkin Hotel in London would be the best places to go. If not, there is definitely no need to worry! There is always Windsor and the Lake District for Romantic getaways. There are also plenty of great restaurants and bars around London on a budget, good examples being Metra Bar in Leiceister Square to the Potion Bar in Fitzrovia.


With Dublin sometimes being called the new city of love, Ireland can be seen as a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day with its cliffs and sloping beaches. It’s also a bonus if you’re a lover of fine dining. Food is sometimes cooked with a pink and red theme, with a candlelit dinner the traditional activity for Valentine’s Day.

Places to go for Valentine’s Day can include the Lakes of Killarney and Kinsale in Cork.


A relatively small affair, people arrange small get-togethers and dinners together for Valentine’s Day. However, it doesn’t mean to say that nothing fun goes on! Lots of traditional games are played, including a lucky dip for potential dates – putting their names into a hat and having to stay with that date for the whole day! Another tradition is that when unmarried girls wake up at sunrise, the first man she sees will be her future husband!

Some ideas for Scotland can include a Jacobite cruise around Loch Ness as well as the Falkirk Wheel (also good for a wedding venue!).

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