9 Tips to Create the Perfect Video CV/Résumé

Are you looking to get ahead in your job hunt? One of the best ways to engage with employers and present yourself in a unique, creative light is by filming a video CV. Inspiring Interns, who have been using video CVs to find over 5,500 people jobs, gives us their tips on how to make your video stand out, what a video CV says about you that a traditional one can’t, and why you should get in front of the camera – even if you’re nervous about it – to create the perfect video CV.


What a regular CV doesn’t say about you

Written CVs are used for a reason, and will always be a necessary part of most hiring decisions. They’re the best way to find out someone’s relevant experience and skills, and help an employer start to figure out whether you’re right for the company. Having said that, one of the major problems with CVs are that they can be edited, refined, and perfected with help from others who influence how they are written, designed, and formatted.

As a result, they’re not always the best example of your written English, or the best evidence of your ability to communicate your skills, language level, and experience. More importantly, they fail to give employers any idea of what the person they’ll be working with is actually like. Your interests, life experience, and skills will give them some insight into the sort of person you might be, but they aren’t able to really understand how you might fit into their culture until they interview you.


Video CV
It's easy when you know how to create a video CV properly


Why make a video CV?

To start with, a video CV presents you as a real person, rather than a faceless list of experiences. As a result, this can make it much easier for employers to visualize you in their office. It allows you to communicate some of your personality and is a chance to really prove your language skills in a relaxed, informal way.

On top of this, it gives you the opportunity to add to the information on your CV, by providing more about your achievements and creating some context around your past experience and education. As a result, people are much more likely to connect with you, and understand what you have to bring to their company. Most importantly? In a competitive job market, you’ll stand out! Companies are far more likely to notice your application in the first place, and even more likely to remember you when it comes to deciding who to interview.


How to make the best video CV

Inspiring Interns have seen plenty of good CVs over the years, and plenty of terrible ones too. What sets the best apart from the rest? These are our top tips for a great video.


1. Don’t just read out your CV

You’re likely to have gotten someone’s interest just by having a video CV. Don’t lose it by repeating information that they already have.


video cv
Reading off a CV doesn't feel genuine – just be yourself!


2. Keep it relevant

It’s great to include some information about your passions and interests, but on the whole, try and keep it relevant to the sort of job you’re going for. Whether you love performing, you’re passionate about sports, or you’re enthusiastic about writing blog articles, make sure to refer to what these interests have taught you.


3. Put yourself in their shoes

What do you think employers want to hear? They want to know all about what you can offer their company to make it a success! Put yourself in the shoes of your dream employers and think about what they would want their dream candidate to say.


put yourself in their shoes
If you were the boss, what would you want your employees to say?


4. Lights, camera, action

Make sure you keep the camera steady, with appropriate lighting and the highest quality equipment that you have access to. You don’t need to worry about getting overly creative with your editing. Keep it simple and direct.


5. What makes you unique?

Think about what makes you stand out from the crowd. Maybe you’ve earned an extracurricular qualification, started your own small business, or chosen to gain another language. Either way, it’s going to look good that you can offer something that others can’t.


6. Show off your language skills!

This is your opportunity to talk about how you would be an asset to the company and what skills you will bring to the job – but say it in English. For companies looking for bilingual speakers, being able to speak the language in a video CV is the best way to sell yourself!


speak english
This is a chance to illustrate how strong your English skills are


7. Eyes on the prize

Your body language is almost as important as what you say. Keep the viewer engaged by keeping eye contact with the camera. Try to avoid hunching up, or crossing your arms. Keeping an open, comfortable, upright posture instils trust straight away.


8. What to wear

Try to find the balance between formal and informal. If you’re looking for a job at a start-up, a suit and tie might be too much. Equally, make sure you’re presentable and tidy regardless of the industry. Finally, it might be a good idea to wear something you’re comfortable in, as it will make you feel more confident and relaxed.


what to wear for interview
Dress to impress, but don't over do it


9. Keep it short and sweet

We’ve found that the best length of time is around one minute; just enough to get yourself across, and not so long that you lose people’s attention.

That’s it! Keep it simple, keep it engaging, and keep it focused, and you’ll have the perfect supplement to your existing CV. Who knows, it could be the difference that lands you in your dream job!


Inspiring Interns are the UK’s leading graduate recruitment agency and pioneers of the Video CV. They work with some of the biggest companies and freshest start-ups providing internships and graduate jobs in London.

If you want to know more about how to improve your English for your career, feel free to contact us and we'll work together to figure out which course is right for you.

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