Welcome to our schools in Canada!


Last month, we took great pleasure in your positive response to our articles and Social Media posts about London, England, traditions in Britain and romance. As a result, we will give you a treat this month: a whole wealth of information about countries and towns where you can study English with us.

It’s a big decision to make - where should I start my English exchange? With so many different cultures to experience and so many places to admire... yes, we know. It's huge! You asked us to continue our guides and information about other countries and towns where you could take your English course with Kaplan International Colleges, and we´ve gladly taken on this job!

From London then, we leave England, crossing all over the Pacific, to... Canada!

This May we are going to bring you a lot of information about Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa ... a rich and diverse culture, a vast variety of outdoors activities, beach, Ski, country. You will never be short of options in Canada. Could this be the country for your English Exchange? Come and find out with us, follow our articles on the blog and if you would like to join the debate, follow our updates on Twitter; Facebook and You Tube. Are you ready for this journey?

Look out for our next post: The Top 10 things to do in Vancouver

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