What do you know about jumping?

Jumping may seem like a very basic thing – you put your feet down and then pop up into the air. But did you know that while the highest recorded human jump is 2 feet in the air, a puma can jump up to 15 feet in the air? (That’s more than 3 times its height!)

Find out some other fun jumping facts, and share your photos of jumping for a chance to win a trip to any of our destinations around the world.

  • Felix Baumgartner, from Austria, broke the sound barrier and the record for the highest freefall in October 2012 when he jumped from space, 127,852 feet (38,969.3 m) from the earth’s surface.
  • The TV show “21 Jump Street”, from the 1980s, featured a young Jonny Depp as one of the lead characters. He was 24 when he first appeared on it and it was the role that first made him a teen heartthrob. Did you know that Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn also made appearances?
  • If you’ve ever heard the phrase “jump the shark”, which means a TV show’s moment when it declines beyond recovery, it comes from the 1970s TV show “Happy Days”. In it, Fonzie jumps over a tiger shark on water skis.
  • Do you think you’re a great jump roper? Try entering the World Rope Skipping Championships. They’re held every 2 years. The most recent record-holders are from China. Hong Kong, Australia and Belgium.
  • Practice your jumping in front of the camera, and post your #jumptoKaplan photos on Instagram. Let us know where you want to jump to, and you could win a course at any of our destinations! Find out more on our competition information page.
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