What's Great About Salisbury?

Our Salisbury school, in the south of England, gets great reviews from our students, even though not many people know what to find there. Here's a list of our favorite things to do in this beautiful city!

Salisbury Cathedral & Museum

For more than 750 years, pilgrims have come to Salisbury to seek inspiration in the glory and peace of the building and surrounding Cathedral Close. Whether you come to worship, to marvel at or climb up to Britain's tallest spire, to be awed by the beauty and scale of the cathedral interior or to study the original Magna Carta in our Chapter House.

The Museum is located near the cathedral. Visit and learn about history from many different centuries.


Stonehenge is probably the most important prehistoric monument in the whole of Britain and has attracted visitors from earliest times. It stands as a timeless monument to the people who built it.

The Stonehenge that we see today is the final stage that was completed about 3500 years ago, but first let us look back 5000 years.


Salisbury Bowling Alley can host up to 80 bowlers at one time. You could probably spend a whole day there, if you wanted to! It has refreshments to keep you satisfied and Laser Quest to keep you fit! (Laser Quest is a friendly and safe combat- oriented team game which works on teamwork and also non-verbal communication.)

Salisbury Market

Twice a week, Salisbury is visited by a popular market, where fresh food, clothing and very unusual items can be bought. (Tuesday and Saturday)

Salisbury Arts Centre

Join in for live lunches (where you can listen to live music during a delicious meal) and the evening's musical performances. Salisbury Arts Centre has a great atmosphere, whether it be day or night.

Salisbury City Hall & Playhouse

Live comedian performances, theatrical shows, musicians and award ceremonies all happen here. Visiting is a great chance to see a building oozing with history and culture, while enjoying one of its many shows and plays.

Join us at our Salisbury school and write your own list of favorite things to do!

Our guest contributor, Luke, is the Social Program Manager at KIC Salisbury. He's a keen sportsperson and part of a Bobsleigh Team that is competing in the British Championships in 2013. He has a strong interest in cars and has owned five different vehicles by the age of 21. His favorite car is a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback.

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