Why Filippo chose Kaplan International to put him on track for an international career

Kaplan helps kick start your career

At Kaplan International Colleges, our job isn't done at the end of the day until we know all our students have got the most out of their learning adventures with us. To make sure we’ve done everything we can to make each student’s stay fulfilling and enjoyable, we get everyone to give us feedback before they leave our English schools. Here’s why Filippo, from Italy, chose to study with Kaplan, and what he had to say about his amazing international experience:

‘Now I’ve graduated from my studies in Italy with a degree in Industrial Design and a Masters in Marketing, I want to start a career in International sales, so understanding English is important to me.


I chose to study with Kaplan's school in Manchester because I’d heard so much feedback on the internet about the quality of the school. I like the lessons on my Intensive English and Business English courses ; the teacher is friendly and helpful and I appreciate his teaching method. The staff at the school have really helped me feel at home in Manchester and now I can understand English people when they speak to me and sustain a conversation.’

Studying with Kaplan is not all about learning valuable English language skills though, our schools also offer a once in a lifetime social experience, as Filippo explains:

‘I enjoy spending time with my classmates on my course; it gives us the opportunity to discover other cultures and discuss our different opinions on things. The social programs also give us a chance to meet new students and try lots of interesting activities.


I like Stephanie, my host mother, so much; she is very nice and approachable and I love spending time with her.’

Good luck with your sales career Filippo! It’s sad to see you leave Kaplan, but we’re glad you had such a great time at our Manchester school.

Want the same top quality English learning experience and international adventure as Fillippo? Then join Kaplan International Colleges today. Kaplan International Colleges (formerly known as Kaplan Aspect) have been providing International students, like you, with the learning opportunity of a lifetime for over 40 years. Take a look at our website, Kaplan International Colleges, to see what our English courses could do for you.

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