Why Kaplan English students love the Boston nightlife

If you think Boston, an American city known for being a well educated center for law and finance and a vivid reminder of the United States’ rich cultural history, is going to be a letdown in terms of nightlife, luckily you’re wrong.

Not just the usual bar and club scene of any big US city, Boston takes things to a new and more imaginative level. There’s an inventive twist on every form of after-dark entertainment that keeps things fresh and interesting for students at Kaplan's  English schools in Boston.

Why go to a gloomy cinema when you can watch classic English and American films at ‘Movies by Moonlight’ at the Harbor Hotel’s scenic location on Boston’s waterfront? Why have a boring plate of stale nacho chips when you can share fresh nachos with toppings such as lobster and wild boar with other Kaplan students at Rattlesnake’s ‘nacho average Monday’?

Instead of just drinking cocktails, in Boston you can take a class to learn to make them, and the Miami-style lounge club, Sushi Teq, takes ‘Tequila Tuesdays’ a step further, with 69 different types of tequila available. Cutting-edge US comedy fans will love Boston’s dramatically named ‘End of the world tavern’, while beer fans will have to up their game to take in the 26 bars on the ‘Annual Beer Marathon’.

For a less extreme form of competition, try games night at one of Boston’s many bustling bars, from unusually themed quizzes to bean bag throwing tournaments for top prizes, including Boston Red Sox baseball tickets. Experience the Achilles Project’s unusual combination of cocktails, shopping and Nintendo Wii, or play Bingo at the fashionable District lounge, but be warned, here a draw is settled by a dance-off competition!

All this action adds up to an unforgettable after-sunset city and one thing to remember: for the night out that can’t be found anywhere else in the U.S., Boston really is the place to be.

If you've already seen this one of a kind city, leave a comment to let everyone know exactly what you love best about Boston.

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