Why Kaplan English students love the Christchurch nightlife

Nightlife in Christchurch Kaplan's English school at Christchurch in New Zealand is a place of diversity. The people are diverse, the snow capped mountains, open plains and sunny beaches of the surrounding landscape are diverse and, last but not least, the nightlife is definitely diverse.

Christchurch may have it all, but there’s no competition when it comes to where to go first. Tru bar is the only way to really get a feel of authentic New Zealand nightlife, as everything in this sleek black and white bar comes from NZ itself, from the music to the drinks.

Once you’ve experienced New Zealand’s finest, it’s time to get a bit more adventurous. Head to the luxurious leather sofas of Christchurch’s Yakitori lounge for a gruesomely named blood spattered bride cocktail and delicious Japanese scallop skewers from the grill.

Follow this with a trip to Fat Eddies for live jazz, the Rialto cinema for the latest film and theatre productions or the Rockpool, Christchurch’s very own American pool hall. You might also want to try out The Loons’ ‘Rock band karaoke’ events, where a live band backs up your vocal attempts to entertain your friends from Kaplan’s Christchurch English language school.

If singing isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d prefer to show off your dancing skills instead. Traditional Christchurch pub, the Twisted Hop, not only serves up real English cask ales, it also offers free weekly salsa lessons. What’s more, its sharing food platters are the perfect way to get to know your fellow Kaplan English language students.

You can also show off your dance skills at Base bar, Christchurch’s cutting edge nightclub playing drum and bass, house and nu rave to hundreds of energetic clubbers. Mad Cow club, on the other hand, tempts with weekly summer foam parties and money saving drinks deals.

When you’ve explored all that, you’re finally ready to take on Christchurch’s hottest nightspot. The stylish Flying Burrito Brothers Cantina and Tequileria turns up the temperature with spicy Mexican cuisine, Mexican glow worm cocktails and over 220 types of fiery tequila.

Can you handle the heat? Visit Christchurch with Kaplan to find out.

If you’re already a big fan of Christchurch nightlife, leave a comment to tell us why.

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