Why Kaplan English students love the Miami nightlife

Known as the ‘Gateway to the Americas’, the Latin party spirit has definitely found its new home in the US city of Miami.

Incredible nightlife often means a built up urban area that loses its sparkle in the harsh morning light. Not so in Miami, where you can regain energy after an unforgettable night out by relaxing under the golden sun that shines on the city’s pristine sandy beaches.

This tropical theme has been carried by a gentle breeze through Miami’s nightlife scene. Why not take in some theatre at the idyllically named Coconut Grove Playhouse with fellow Kaplan English language students? After the show, tread the real growing grass floors of enticing restaurant Tantra, known for its chic customers and seductive décor as much as its delicious food.

Carry on your luxurious US night out at Miami’s Skybar, serving exotic cocktails from bars in the stylish indoor lounges, wild gardens, glamorous poolside area and moonlit beach. Not got the energy? Then go to B.E.D. No, I don’t mean sleep, I mean Beverage. Entertainment. Dining; the elegant Miami bar and restaurant where smart waiters serve you as you as you lay in a huge comfortable bed.

Finish this VIP night out at Mansion, the celebrity filled US super-club in a grand, beautifully furnished former casino, offering the most energetic nights out in Miami with frequent visits from world-famous DJ’s.

If all this partying has worn you out and you just want to sit back and chat with your classmates from Kaplan International Colleges’ Miami English School, don’t worry, Miami is still the place to be. Fill up on hearty American food and live musical talent at the laid back Tobacco Road, with its distinctly Caribbean feel, or laugh all night at Miami Improv Comedy Club.

A place of paradise from sunset to sunrise, it’s no wonder so many of today’s biggest stars head to Miami for a night like no other.

If you’ve been to Miami and know exactly what I’m talking about, leave a comment to share your experiences with other students and show them the highlights of life in this amazing city.

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