Why Kaplan English students love Salisbury nightlife

When you travel through the Southern English countryside, a thriving nightlife scene is probably the last thing you’ll expect to find, but with Salisbury, you’re in for a surprise.

Hidden in this traditional UK city is a diverse and energetic world of entertainment possibilities, ready to be explored when you study English in Salisbury with Kaplan. Begin your journey with a trip to Salisbury’s very own taste of Russia, at Moloko vodka bar, offering over 40 delicious flavours of vodka, from chilli to bubblegum.

Next, have a lively Mexican night out at Cactus Jack’s bar and restaurant. No need to pack a suitcase though, the spicy food and refreshing cocktails of this fiery venue are right here in Salisbury. A spoonful of Indian culture is also available, in fashionable Salisbury restaurant, Anokaa, serving flavourful Indian cuisine with a contemporary fine dining twist.

Also on the travel tour of Salisbury is the Rai D’Or pub, expertly run by a British husband and Thai wife team, to bring you the best of both cultures. Here you and your fellow Kaplan International Colleges English language students can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of a classic English pub combined with authentic Thai cuisine.

The international fun doesn’t end there; Salisbury City Hall hosts both big names in UK comedy and international dance performances, from Tango to ballet, plus top British musicians. For foreign or independent films, try the Salisbury Art Centre, while the Odeon is the place to go for the latest US blockbusters. The playhouse, on the other hand, offers progressive plays and classic childhood favourites alike.

Once you’ve experienced all this, there’s only once place left to go; the Chapel. No, I don’t mean church; I mean the stylish 4 room clubbing hotspot. In this thriving Salisbury favourite, state of the art lighting flashes to the beat of dance, house, R&B and cheesy pop music, played through a cutting-edge sound system to hundreds of eager partygoers.

Traditional British city by day, modern wonderland by night, Salisbury is probably the UK’s most unexpected nightlife haven.

If you’ve already discovered Salisbury’s secret scene, leave a comment to spread the word and share your story.

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