Why Kaplan English students love the San Francisco nightlife

When you cross over the world’s most famous bridge, into the US city of San Francisco, it really is like stepping through Golden Gates into paradise. The only difference? The nightlife in paradise was never this good.

There are many American cities where you can get punk one night, salsa the next and an outdoor film screening the next. Only in San Francisco, at El Rio’s, can you get all this under one roof, plus weekly patio barbecues, Arabic music, cabaret and…well anything you can think of really! Of course this isn’t all the US after dark action San Francisco has to offer; this is just the beginning.

How many times have you been to a restaurant and eaten your meal in total darkness? Opaque in San Francisco believes dining in the dark is the best way to totally focus on the flavours in its delicious dishes; try it out to see if you agree. On the other hand, the beautifully presented sushi and colourful cocktails at Mexican and Japanese fusion restaurant Mas Sake are a feast for your eyes as well as your mouth.

Another thing you won’t want to miss seeing is the view of one of America’s most dazzling cities from Top of the Mark, San Francisco’s romantic 19th floor bar. O’Reilly’s Irish pub doesn’t have quite the same refined touch, but its lively atmosphere and hearty English cuisine make it the ideal spot for big nights out with fellow Kaplan students. After a few drinks here, choose between dressing up for the sleek Suite one8one nightclub and keeping it casual at Elbo Room, one of San Francisco’s welcoming live music venues.

There’s more too, we could probably go on about San Francisco nightlife for days and days in fact. Instead we’re saving you the reading time so you can find out for yourself, when you enrol at one of Kaplan International Colleges San Francisco English language schools.

Since we’ve run out of time to tell you everything San Francisco has to offer, we’d love to hear from you if you’ve been before. Feel free to leave a comment to share your recommendations with other readers.

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