Get a Slice of the Action at Wimbledon!

(June 20 – July 3, 2011)

As the excitement after the French Open draws to a close (congrats to Nadal for his 5th win!) and Murray’s second win at Queens has been secured, we’re dusting down our rackets for the most prestigious worldwide tennis championships near our English schools in London! With strawberries and cream at the ready, it’s time to get behind your country and help them to pummel the competition in a fortnight of tennis antics!

With powerhouses that dominate the court like Federer and the Williams sisters, people can think the game is a little one sided, but there are many twists and turns that have kept people watching for 125 years this year!

History has been made and remade with champions created or overturned in just hours. We give you all the news and who/what to look out for during the two weeks!

Who can I watch out for this year?

The big favourites should be out in force such as Rafael Nadal from Spain, Roger Federer from Switzerland, Andy Roddick from the US, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga from France and Andy Murray from Great Britain on the Men’s side.

From the Women, we can expect Maria Sharapova from Russia, the Williams sisters Venus and Serena from the US, Li Na from China and Francesca Schiavone from Italy to make a big impact this summer!

Other categories to look forward to are the Mixed and Single Doubles as well as the Wheelchair and Junior matches.

Beginner’s Luck?

Alongside the big shots there are always wildcards and new arrivals in the mix to spice things up, which have sometimes gone all the way and exceeded expectation!

One past example is Maria Sharapova, who wowed everyone in the 2004 championships by beating powerhouse Serena Williams to win her first grand slam title (whereas Serena has won up to now 27 Grand Slam titles, so was definitely firm favourite to win!)

How can I watch Wimbledon?

During the two weeks, matches will be shown in pubs and TVs in different countries. However, nothing beats the experience of watching your favourite player in the flesh scoring that match point if you can make it!

For entry this year, tickets will have been sold via the ballot the year before (Booking periods usually take place from August – September, the year before you want to go – i.e. booking in August 2011 for next year’s entry in 2012).

But don’t despair if you want to go this year and haven’t previously booked - you can take part in a draw the night before your chosen match called The Queue (very British!) on their main site, but it’s literally a lottery to see if you’ve gotten in.

Centre court is the one you want to get for the most major matches, but amazing surprises have happened on the smaller courts. It was only last year when a literally epic game was played in the small court of No.18 - America's John Isner beating France's John Mahut in a jawdropping play of 183 games (6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68).

If you can’t get tickets into the courts themselves, why not watch on the big hillsides and screens around them? It’s a great atmosphere to get a good slice of the action and many people are around to celebrate together!

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