Word of the week: Bamboozle


Definition: To trick or confuse (someone), particularly to deceive them.


'Tom Sawyer bamboozled the neighborhood boys into doing it for him.'

English speakers often say they are 'bamboozled' when they are completely confused by something. 'Bamboozle' is most relevant when referring to someone deliberately confusing people in order to trick them, as in the Tom Sawyer example above!

'Bamboozle' is used everywhere the English speaking world.  It's an old word, but no-one knows its etymology (where it came from). This makes it very unusual in the English language!

You won't hear 'bamboozle' in everyday conversation, but it's a great word to have in your vocabulary for the right circumstances!

Can you think of a good sentence using the word 'bamboozle'? Why not try in the comments? We'll let you know if you get it right!

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