Gastropub is our Word of the Week


1: A public house, or 'pub' that is known for serving high quality meals.

Example: Every Sunday, Steve had a roast dinner at his local gastropub.

A gastropub is a type of pub with a chef in the kitchen. Typically they offer bistro-style food, with quality ingredients cooked to a high quality! Often a gastropub will try to source ingredients locally and seasonally, providing a varied menu all year.

In England, you will often see gastropubs offering a traditional 'Sunday Roast'. This consists of your choice of roasted meats and vegetables, with potatoes and gravy, and is a real treat in this author's humble opinion!

Gastropubs will often have a selection of 'real ale', beers that are traditionally brewed locally and in small batches to created distinctive flavors. These are especially strong in flavor and are popular in the UK and USA. Real ales are not to everyone's taste, but you should try one if you're in a gastropub, just for the full experience!

London's Covent Garden has 102 pubs and bars, so you would have plenty of gastropubs to choose from if you came to our English school in Covent Garden.

Do you have gastropubs in your country?

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