Word of the Week: Trackie Dacks

Definition: Trackie Dacks

Slang: An Australian word for warm tracksuit trousers/pants

Example: It's cold out today - better put on your trackie dacks!

Students at our English schools in Australia are, believe it or not, having a very cold winter right now! So we thought we'd sympathize by having a look at some of the weird words Australians use for winter clothes.


Trackies are what Australians call track suits, because of their habit of using a shortened diminutive (smaller or "baby version") word.

Dacks is an Australian word for trousers - either long trousers, shorts, or underwear.  The context you use the word in makes a big difference! If it's cold and someone is wearing trousers, it then this is what it means. However, if a girl is wearing a dress or a skirt, then it refers to her underwear.

An "Akubra" hat - another Australian classic

Here are a few other slang words Australians have for clothes:

  • Jumper: a warm woollen top
  • Skivvy: Long-sleeved turtle-necked top
  • Tweeds: Trousers
  • Rug Up: To dress warmly
  • Under-chunders: Underwear
  • Uggs: Any warm fleece-lined boots, which originated in Australia.

Australians seem to make up their own words for just about everything! What unique Australian slang words have you heard?

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