Words with Multiple Meanings Infographic

English is a language with a huge vocabulary. To make matters even more confusing, many of these words have more than one meaning. Here is our latest infographic showing the top ten words with the most definitions in the dictionary, and how they are used.

Kaplan were delighted to work with our friends at Dictionary.com to create this infographic. Take a look below the infographic to see their comment. Let us know what you think about the infographic by leaving a comment.


words with multiple meanings

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"The English language is rich with polysemy, or diversity of meaning. Many common words are popular precisely because they're versatile. One can run a business or a marathon, run into an old friend or run out of time. Stockings run, but you can also run for mayor.

"At Dictionary.com, we transform these polysemous words into clear definitions with additional examples for tricky senses. Whether your search is simple or complex, Dictionary.com distills the answer," said Rebekah Otto, Content Manager, Dictionary.com.

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