Work and Study in New Zealand: Jan's Story

Jan, a 21 year old from Germany, studied on a 9 month long English work and study program with Kaplan in Auckland, New Zealand. Jan, an advanced level English student, told us about his experiences on the program and why he chose to study in New Zealand.

Why did you choose your course?
I chose to study OPUS 9 (32 weeks English + 3 job placement assistance meetings) because I wanted to work while studying and thought that this combination would offer me a unique opportunity to improve my skills in both written and spoken English.

What is the best thing about the teachers and teaching method?
They are open for any kind of questions and committed in the way they work.

What do you think about the interactive whiteboards in the classroom?
Whiteboards are more than just useful. I would even say that they are indispensable if you want to use the full potential a lesson can offer you. The way whiteboards can visualize things that make it easier to remember the taught stuff.

What do you like most about your school?

The impressive building and the garden.

What do you like most about the city?
Auckland is a fantastic choice if you like the sea and beaches. With plenty of watersport activities you will not get bored. Particularly for sailing Auckland is the place to be.

What are your favorite social activities organized by the school?
I enjoy the stand-up comedy which is always enriching.

Why did you choose to study in this country?
I chose New Zealand because I simply wanted to visit the other end of earth. Further, it is very pleasurable to skip the European winter by staying in New Zealand.

How did you find out about Kaplan? 
I wanted to spend a year overseas and searched for it online. Kaplan provided a work and study choice no other organization could offer.

How would you describe your ‘Kaplan Experience’?
My Kaplan experience is a story about building up a life at the other end of the world.

Have you made a lot of friends at Kaplan?
Thanks to Kaplan I made heaps of friends from all over the world. In fact even after they leave, we stay in contact.

What is the best thing about studying with students from around the world?
You learn how to deal and work with people from different cultures.

Which accommodation did you select and why?
I chose the homestay instantly because it is incomparably enriching to stay in a local family.
I especially like the kindness of my host parents and the location close to a fantastic beach.
I would always recommend the homestay because an apartment does not provide any connection to the culture at all.

How can you tell if your English has improved?
I gained more confidence in using the language that I could even live in an English-speaking country without any communication issues.

How will you use your English skills in the future?
As my major is fully international I will be confronted with English frequently. Furthermore I may move to an English-speaking country.

Would you recommend studying at Kaplan to a friend?
I would. My expectations were high so I am happy with my progress.

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